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collaboration agreement among managment consultants

By bonyad ·
Dear Sir
I am practicing as an analyist in a consultant firm in the management consultancy industry. My colleauges & I are working on a project. The purpose of which is to develop some general partnership agreement models between management consultants so that the porject for clients will successfully be implemented.
During the project, we have faced some problems. Yesterday, I visited your web site & I found you the right people who I can ask my questions. I would be appreciate if you address my question as follows:
1-What makes consultants motivated to cooperate with one another to provide a service for a client? I mean what strenghtes in the market and what weekness in consultants make them to form an alliance or a partnership?
2-Are you aware of any collaboration between consultants (ex: Joint venture ) at a national or global level?
3-What processes or procedures should be established in order to the shared project be done?
4-We are looking for a general collaboration model. Do you have or aware of any genaral model by which we can promote a general partnership model among management consultants?
5--What charecteristics should a partnership agreement have so that the project for the clien be implemented succesfully?
6-What are key factores for doing a successful collaboration?

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