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    Collaboration tools for small business


    by martinb ·

    I am currently exploring using collaboration and/or knowledge management software to improve teamwork of client accounts through out the office and remotely. Do any recommendations come to mind?


    A small office network (4-6 users) with DSL internet connection. I am looking for a shared/calendar solution and if possible an integrated shared/contacts solution.


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      Reply To: Collaboration tools for small business

      by vinnyd ·

      In reply to Collaboration tools for small business

      I use Mircosoft Small Business Server 2003 Standard Edition for things like this.

      You can get 5 user license which includes Exchange for shared/calendar using outlook 2003

      There is a Remote Web Workplace that allows the users to connect remotely using a number of differenet methods.

      I have used SBS 2003 in offices as small as 3 users.

      Yes it does require a server computer but for only a few users a standard computer with enough ram can handle it.

      The increase in productivity usually recovers the cost in less than a year.

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      by anil6 ·

      In reply to Collaboration tools for small business

      I can think of for such requirement.
      It has much more (Wiki, Blog, file repository, media repository, version controls and workflows)in built features including shared (Event) Calender.

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      Web Office?

      by thornberg ·

      In reply to Collaboration tools for small business

      If you want to combine project management and business collaboration – check out The application is available for free – thus, suits small business.

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