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    Collectl – can one performance monitoring tool do it all?


    by mark.seger ·

    It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything about collectl and then it was only in response to some other posts so I thought I’d start a new thread.

    For those of you who are asking, “why yet another monitoring tool when we already have iostat, sar, vmstat, netstat, nfstat, etc?” And my simple answer is I want one tool that can replace all the existing ones and include data for the less common ones as well such as Infiniband, Lustre, Interrupts, Slabs, Process I/O Rates and others. I want to be able to log all the data in a common format and be able to plot it! I even want to monitor at sub-second intervals. I think I’ve succeeded and invite you to try it out and since it’s Open Source it’s free. Just visit and check out the Features page for a pretty reasonable summary.

    In any event, let me know if you think I’ve addressed the subject of this topic and if you think it’s missing any capabilities I’d like to hear about that too.


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