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    college-bound computer


    by meganha ·

    I need some advice for a college bound student. Without spending a ton of money can you recomend a computer system for a student. It does not have to be top of the line for gaming or music but it should be suitable for 4 year of college work. We are leaning towards Dell. Also, is there a locking system suitable for laptops so the laptop doesn’t grow legs and walk out of the dorm?

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      Laptop vs Desktop

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to college-bound computer

      Are you SURE you need a laptop? If your college bound child REALLY needs a laptop, you will have to spend top dollar to make it stretch for the 4 or 5 years they are in school.

      Yes there are lock downs for laptops, but I’d just insure the laptop under your insurance and if it gets stolen, then it can be replaced.

      My suggestion: Get a desktop. Dell is inexpensive and should last the 4 years, plus it is upgradable so that if your child needs more power, a trip to your local computer store should solve that problem.

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      Dell products are best

      by ehhorst ·

      In reply to college-bound computer

      jmgarvin does have a point from their earlier post. Desktops are so much better for upgrade purposes. The downside is space requirements in a dorm setting. However a laptop is great for portability. If the desktop will just not work with your senario. Then I would recomend a Dell laptop. However I strongly recomend purchasing the laptop with the largest hard disk and max. the memory. so that it will last the 4 to 5 year life span.

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      Something else to consider

      by awalt ·

      In reply to college-bound computer

      The case on the last desktop I purchased is built so that a padlock can be used. That way boards and drives won’t turn up missing either. Unbeleivable, but I gues it could happen.

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      Reply To: college-bound computer

      by antuck ·

      In reply to college-bound computer

      Contact the school and see what thier min requirments are also. I have seen several schools pass out min requirments for computers and this way you won’t purchase the wrong computer. As far as desktop vs laptop goes, desktop is better for upgrades, but the student may need to bring a computer to class so they’ll need a laptop. anything out right now should be able to last for a few years.

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        If your student does not need a laptop…

        by oldbag ·

        In reply to Reply To: college-bound computer

        Having sent my child off to university 2 years ago, I found that a laptop was not necessary at her school. I purchased a nicely loaded desktop with a flat panel monitor, cordless mouse and keyboard. This was easier on the pocketbook but took up less space than the old style monitors.

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