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College instructor needs info on hard drives

By jacksdaddy1 ·
Some months back, many of you professional IT people waded in on the long term reliability of various hard drives for desk tops and servers. IBM seemed to be a noted recipient of criticism. I would appreciate if you folks would reiterate your experience, good and bad, of the respective hard drive brands and manufacturers

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by mjd420nova In reply to College instructor needs ...

I've found Maxtor to be a good brand, reliable and hardy, able to run for extended periods without over heating. I've got one ubit that has been running continous for 3 years and no trouble. This is the 300 MB, 7200 RPM and UDMA 133M.

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Not Western Digital

by jmgarvin In reply to College instructor needs ...

We use Western Digital along with removable bays and I have to say I've had pretty bad luck with them.

Some of my students have Maxtors and they seem to last for at least 3 years. I've also had a couple students with Seagates and they were very reliable (although that was about 2 years ago).

Moral of the story: Stay away from Western Digital...they break.

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Your mileage may vary

by fungus-among-us In reply to Not Western Digital

IBM's line of hard drives are no longer available under their name brand. I believe Hitachi has taken over the deskstar line and I have several that have not given me any issues. I've tried many many brands over the past 2 decades. They all have their stories of failures and/or reliability. Best thing to do is make sure you stick with Major brands with warranties. Seems in *MY* expierience, that the FUJITSU hard drives (IDE66's and 100's) all FAIL as soon as their warranties expire. I use nothing but WD raptor drives in my personal computers, and have been using Samsung and Hitachi drives for private sector clients without issues. For my business oriented clients that have servers where SCSI is chosen HD interface, I usually go with Seagate. Would you choose a Mercedes over a BMW or Cadillac? Would you choose a Toyota over a Honda? Some people ARE Brand loyal, others couldn't care less, they'll buy whatever suits their fancy at the time of purchase. Just make sure you pick a product with a good warranty and BACK UP your data on a REGULAR basis (once a year is not enough!).


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Have to agree with others

by j.lupo In reply to Not Western Digital

I have used maxtors and seagates with good reliability. WD tends to break down and need more TLC then we have time for, so I try to stay with the Maxtor and Seagate brands.

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