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College Student in need of career advise

By cvn22 ·
Hello everyone,
. Right now I'm an economics major , but i really want to major in MIS. The problem is that my school doesn't offer that major and transfering is out of the question,its my senior year. But my school does offer a program where I can create the Major , , which means i have to pick out the courses that would make up the MIS major, then get it approved by the program. The thing is on my degree it won't say that I majored in MIS, it would say the name of the program , Bachelor'sdegree independent concentration. So I can't really say i'm majored in MIS. I planned on getting my MBA later on but how hard is it for me to land a job in the IT field with no degree from either MIS, CS, etc. I'm planning on getting certifications but is it harder with certification to "moved up" in the IT field without a degree in computer science or such.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully respond to my question.

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Late in the game, but...

by NKQX57A In reply to College Student in need o ...

Sounds as though you have made a mistake; instead of majoring in economics, you should have majored in Management Information Systems with economics as a minor. It is a little late in the game to be switching majors. However, you can still get your foot in the IT door, with a degree in economics and some courses in MIS.

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Education isn't a waste

by AFong In reply to College Student in need o ...

On your resume, indicate a degee in Economics with an emphasis in MIS. And if anyone ask, explain that you have a good understanding of business and you know how to apply computer technology to the business.

There are so many IS people with little understanding of business. The problem is they can't code programs or install networks that work with the business. They don't think about how the business will change or expand. I've seen servers run out of memory and networks that can't handle the traffic after three or four years of being implemented. Can you imagine what would happen if cars didn't run after 50,000 miles because designers didn't think people would drive that far?

Some people think specialization is the key to success -- spend all your time studying one subject. That's okay if you know what you want to do the rest of your life or you're willing to go back to school for more education if your specialty becomes obsolete (like COBOL programming language). For everyone else, a broad knowledge of business and IS is ALWAYS useful.

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That's BULL

by Crazylegss In reply to College Student in need o ...

I'm's advice for one

and two..I have two B.S.'s in Biology and Environmental Science...once you have that initial IT job and put your time're golden with a degree...3/4 of the peeps I work with don't have degrees...and I earnmore than they do even with 5 years less experience....I'm making good money and am set to move into my network engineering job next may ....
I have my MCSE and CCNA...and now have the experience to back it...

just get your degree..everything else will work out...

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