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collision/broadcast domain

By rana573 ·
what r these terms "collision domain and Broadcast domain", also what is the difference between them.

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by voldar In reply to collision/broadcast domai ...

"A Collision Domain is defined as all the Ethernet* segments between a pair of bridges or other layer 2 devices. The reason for this is that all traffic must appear on all the cables between bridges. Thus if a frame is transmitted from a station on a concentrator, all the stations on that concentrator will see the frame at nearly the same time. A collision occurs when a station begins transmission and then receives the beginning of a frame from another station..."*

"A broadcast domain is a restricted area in which information can be transmitted for all devices in the domain to receive. More specifically, Ethernet LANs are broadcast domains. Any devices attached to the LAN can transmit frames to any other device because the medium is a shared transmission system. Frames are normally addressed to a specific destination device on the network. While all devices detect the frame transmission on the network, only the device to which the frame is addressed actually receives it. A special broadcast address consisting of all 1s is used to send frames to all devices on the network. A repeater is a device that joins two LANs to extend the distance of the LAN. All network traffic is sent across the repeater unaltered..."**

* - this definition you can find at the site:
** - this definition you can find at the site:

Because you were so lazy to find by yourself the answer, I let now to you the joy of discovering the diffence between them.

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