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collision/broadcast domain

By rana573 ·
what is collision domain and what is broadcast domain. Also what is the difference between them.plz explain with examples

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by rawright In reply to collision/broadcast domai ... defines 'Collision Domain'. Essentially, it is that part of a network where packet collisions occur. Between network devices that do some sort of switching or routing, all packets travel among all hosts and are thus subject to collisions. When a device sending a packet detects another device on the same segment starting a transmission, it stops and waits for the traffic to clear before resending. This can result in a loss of throughput on that segment, causing delays.

A 'Broadcast Domain' is defined here : Essentially it is any Ethernet LAN, and any host on the LAN can broadcast a message to all hosts on the same network.

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by exNN In reply to collision/broadcast domai ...

Adding up an example, assuming an Ethernet LAN, lets say you have a full class C network (254 hosts), if you connect all of them using hubs, you will have one single "Collision Domain" (computers connected directly between them), so any time a computer trying to send will need to "check" the bus, if it is free it can send information, however one or more computers could do the same time at that precise moment, so all of them will put information into the bus, and all that packages will collide. If you use switches instead, each port of the switch is a collision domain, even all of computers belong to the same network.
A broadcast address (last address of the ip segment, it can not be assigned to any node) is an address that help to send information to all the nodes in the network; it is like a "hey everybody!". A broadcast domain, is all the computers that can be "broadcasted". Essentially every net (or subnet) is a broadcast domain. I have a saying: switches split out collision domains, routers split out broadcast domains.

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by adit0015604 In reply to collision/broadcast domai ...

collision domain is the place where collision takes place. And Broadcast domain is where the transimission of messaga to many computer takes place

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by salil.dixit In reply to collision/broadcast domai ...

collision domain basicly found it on with hub that means they more collite the data n brorad cast domain where the boroadcasting start's.

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