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I have a network cable with 4 twisted pairs, +12 volts, Transmit, Receive, and Collision making up the 4. Does the Collision line work by detecting a large electromagnetic field in the Tx or Rx Line, then transmit that field to the microprocessor?

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by gechurch In reply to Collision Line

That's pretty much it. I imagine it would only need to check the Tx line (assuming full duplex). When a collision is detected, the host then needs to wait a random amount of time and try again.

That's really about all I can remember from the relevant Uni course. For all the gory details Google 'CSMA/CD' - I'm sure there will be plenty out there.

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by gechurch In reply to Yep!

Just Google'd it myself... turns out CSMA/CD is no longer used. The Wikipedia article wasn't clear on what replaced it, but I imagine it was multiplexing. Makes sense. We covered that next in that Uni class, but it never clicked in my mind that multiplexing replaced the need for CSMA/CD.

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by Patchbox In reply to Yep!

Thanks for your time and effort.

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