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Collision, Network Card.

By Brian158 ·
I am having a lot of collision with a network cards. The computers are just peer to peer. The cable is fiber optic and OS is Win2k and ram on both computers are 512. What could be the cause of the collisions and how could I clear it up? On a 10/100 network I know how to clear this issue up but with a peer to peer I can not get it to clear up. Any suggestions?

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by djent In reply to Collision, Network Card.

What protocol? fixed IP or DHCP? is one a domain server? What cards are you using, current drivers?

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Collisions are typically Layer2

by JIM-H In reply to Collision, Network Card.

Now I have heard the term Peer-to-Peer being used if there is simply a direct cross-connect from PC to PC but I have also heard this when speaking of connecting two machines together through a network without the use of a Server, hence Peer-to-Peer. With the details that you provided I am going to assume that you have a cable going from PC to PC connecting some sort of Fiber Adapting Ethernet NIC.

I would first suggest going into "Network and Dial-up Connections", right-click your NIC in question, go into properties, click the configure button, go to the advanced tab, see if there is any duplex settings and make sure both are full duplex and MAX speed. (I?m guessing 100M unless your Fiber is actually going GIGE!)It would also not hurt to check all the settings to make sure they are the same, "auto" might be a problem in some cases.

Let me know if this was any help. If not, go ahead and post some more details like:
- What exactly is your NIC?
- Is the cable a home-run job or pre-made?
- How are you seeing collisions? Hardware, Windows Errors, 3rd party Network software
- Does basic ping work successfully?

Good Luck!

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by Brian158 In reply to Collisions are typically ...

Here is the thing. Windows will not allow to make connection via tcp/ip or any other way. It is just basic pc to pc file sharing. I am not having problems at all with things just a little access corruption. We are just trying to rule that out of theissue. And to clear the issue up.
Ping is good
Network card is 3com fiber connector
Fiber was ran by me but spliced together by 3rd party.
I have tried all settings on the card threw 3com's doctor. This is how I am able to see the collisions andother errors. But it just collisions.
I am about to place these computers onto our reg. network. But the one has to remain to be fiber to connect because of the distance. I am a little afraid with the collisions that are here now might cause problems on our network.
If you need more details please let me know. I would like to clear this up before it goes live on the network. Thanks

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by djent In reply to Details

Have you tried moving the machines close and using a fiber patch cable? If that works OK you may just a bad splice or cable.

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Causing problems on Network.

by JIM-H In reply to Details

Hello Brian158,

First I have to say that I agree with on a possible cable problem if everything else under the sun, and moon, have been checked. I have seen on many occasions where a poorly made cable causes collisions and errors. Although, if the cable was a ?machined? cable I have rarely seen this as the problem so you may want to consider the method of splicing. If you have an optical tester you may also want to consider that the light levels are simply too ?hot? from PC-to-PC and causing problems. If this is the case maybe you could consider an attenuator to drop that light level down a little. Of course as far as Fiber NICs go on PCs I have only used GIGE NICs and not 10/100 Fiber adaptors as I am assuming that youhave here. By any chance can you proved a link to your NIC details from 3com?


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Causing problems on Network, continued.

by JIM-H In reply to Causing problems on Netwo ...

As far as putting the PC on the network being a problem in latest and greatest LAN networks I would have to say no. If your LAN is built on some good Layer2or2&3 switches then collisions would be isolated to the port that you plug into and most switches can handle some collisions just fine without flooding the other ports. The main concern that I would have would first and foremost be the settings on the switch. Make sure that your switch does not want to treat your PC as another switch. If anytrunking or root bridge negotiations start up then there could be some latency or even outages for the rest of the users on the switch. Typically, by default, most switches that I have seen do not do this. The next concern would be if you have a hubinstead of a switch. If your PC comes online and starts flooding the LAN with collisions then the rest of the machines will have to reset that little CSMA/CD timer and timeouts and/or latency will more than likely occur. Your best bet is to login tothe switch and watch any logs that you can during the turn-up so that you can disable it if weird things start occurring.

There is one more thing that we may want to consider here. I am not sure if you are aware but collisions are perfectly normal on any half duplex set, 802.3 devices. You want to judge if it is a concern based on two factors:

1)Is your collision rate very high compared to the data? If so then see factor #2.
(Old rule of thumb, so I was once told, is 50% or more collision rate in relative to data. Although?I have seen worse LANs work fine!)

2)Is traffic dropping and/or running apparently slow? Does it appear to be a problem to anyone? If no then leave it alone cause it ain?t broke.

Let me know and we can always go further. I am interested to see how this turns out.


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Was it fixed??

by JIM-H In reply to Collision, Network Card.

Have not seen you post anything in a few days, was this fixed?

What was the root cause? Did you find out?

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by Brian158 In reply to Was it fixed??

Jim it is wierd the problem just disappeared. I do not know how but it is gone. Sorry about not posting this but I have just spent the last week setting up a new network. We moved over into a new office so as you could imagine. New servers and new computers. I have been very busy and have had no time to do anything. The problem just disappeared. I did not do anything. Just left it alone for a while. I figured it was not doing any harm so leave it be just monitor it. But thanks for all the info thou. I do appreciate it. Have a great time. Back to work for me.


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