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Colonel: Build military 'botnet' as cyberspace weapon

By DanLM ·
The government wouldn't build its botnet by infecting innocent people's computers like criminal hackers, Williamson wrote.

Instead, the military could use PCs it was going to throw away. And it could expand that botnet's computing horsepower by implanting its code on other government computers.

I like it... I've been saying for the last couple years we should take the gloves off and let the backbones pound the living crap out of the hackers.

This guy wants to use it as an offensive weapon against other countries.. Why the bloody **** not... We've seen already numerous times huge web sites being crippled, smaller nations being taken off line... All by scum bot masters..

It's already been tested by the private criminal market... It would be cheap too implement... Why shouldn't we have the same capabilities as what will be used against us.

If you think other nations(China/Russia) haven't already thought/implemented something like this. You are very naive. Christ, the Russian government and mob are hand and hand... You have a full ISP from that nation that has nothing but bot nets/spam/phishing and on it.,1000000189,39289057,00.htm



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I want to hear

by Dr Dij In reply to Colonel: Build military ' ...

what BALTHOR has to say about this. should be interesting!

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sorry dr, I was still editing that while you posted

by DanLM In reply to I want to hear

I wanted to add some more content.

Again, I'm sorry.


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Anytime the government gets involved.

by RFink In reply to Colonel: Build military ' ...

Be very afraid.

I'm just waiting for a cracker to crack the government's Botnet.

I saw this story on at least three days ago, CNN is so far behind the times. :)

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I haven't had time lately to read wired and hacked

by DanLM In reply to Anytime the government ge ...

damn, I missed the original story. I have a bunch of sites like that on my google homepage I always check.


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