Colored Lines on LCD Monitor

By mjjarvis16 ·
I have a series of different colored vertical lines on my monitor. It began with a single line, then 2, then 8, and so on. Now I have a 1" band of them to the left side of my's getting very difficult to view things. I now have to reduce all of my windows so that I can move them around to see all of the content. The band is not solid, however, and I am able to (barely) see things behind it. I have read several threads, here and elsewhere, that indicate it possibly being a bad graphics card, however, these stripes appear even when the monitor is not plugged into a computer (only powered on). Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this and/or how to fix it?

I have a photo of the screen if anyone might find it helpful - I wasn't able to attach the photo to this post.

Thank you all in advance for you help!

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LCD Hardware

by TheChas In reply to Colored Lines on LCD Moni ...

It sounds like you have an internal failure in the monitor itself.

One way to verify that it is the monitor would be to swap monitors with another system. If the problem stays with the monitor, then the monitor is bad.

It is possible that the problem is just a bad connection in the cable that runs from the controller card in the monitor to the LCD.

LCD monitors are difficult to take apart without damaging something. Plus, it may cost less to replace the monitor rather than have it repaired.


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Video Memory RAM

by john In reply to Colored Lines on LCD Moni ...

Without providing a precise answer, but I think this might answer the general situation: Video display is represented, in other words, stored very briefly, in memory. It would be correct to call it video memory or video RAM to distinguish it from CPU RAM. I'm having the same problem on my NEC LCD, two vertical lines, one green, one blue. The memory is arranged to store each array of bits, for Reg, Green & Blue along with a brightness number (0-255, or 0-65520 etc.) for each dot (pixel) on the screen. These are arranged (I believe) in arrays such that each vertical line is on one chip (more or less) so that one chip can fail and leave one color vertical line on your screen.
Now to complicate things, this exists in/on both the video card itself, then again on/inside the LCD monitor, so locating the offending chip is often (not always) not worth the investigation effort.
Hope this is/was helpful, it's lacking in useful specifics, but so it goes.
Best Regards...

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I think whats being said here is....

by tintoman In reply to Video Memory RAM

You need a new graphics card!!!

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Monitors have no memory

by robo_dev In reply to Video Memory RAM

they simply light up the correct pixels based on the signal input from the VGA cable.

There are small 'buffers' that are part of the controller chips for signal handling, but that is not considered memory, as nothing is really stored there.

To get back to the OP problem, there are two likely culprits the driver ICs or the vga controller, both of which are integral and non-serviceable parts of the display.

Each driver IC on a typical display is responsible for a about a 1.5" wide patch of display.

So an individual chip failure results in a line, horizontal or vertical. Individual connection faults result in single lines, as can loss of parts of the driver IC.

Driver ICs cannot be replaced as they are too small, and even if you identify the correct chip and find a supplier willing to sell you just one, human soldering techniques would destroy them.

They have pin spacing of about 40/25400ths of an inch (25 um) which is not visible to the naked eye.

so the short answer is, your monitor is hosed.

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1 of 2 things

by Snuffy09 In reply to Colored Lines on LCD Moni ...

It may be the monitor

It may be the Video card

try hooking the monitor up to another computer. if the lines go away you need a new graphics card (or motherbord if its onboard video, or ^^^ "a new graphics card")

If the lines do not go away, its your monitor.

Good Luck

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