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    colored paper scan vs white paper scan


    by drmweaver ·

    I need some details / information on whats the best paper to scan from, colored vs white.

    I’ve always thought it was best to scan from white paper.

    My supervisor seems to think that colored paper gives a cleaner scan.

    I’ve done some testing but all the colored paper that I’ve tested comes out with noise in the scanned job. White comes out clean.

    I need some documentation to prove my test from some techy’s. Does anyone of any links or sites that I can pull some documentation from?


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      White with Black font

      by gsg ·

      In reply to colored paper scan vs white paper scan

      I’ve installed 5 scanning systems in Healthcare over the years. It used to be that charts were color-coded. Radiology results were on pink paper, Dr. orders on Green, etc… but with the advent of scanning in the 90s, hospitals had to go with all white paper.

      Color paper, even when scanning black and white, will cause the scanner to scan the color. The only way to stop that would be to change the contrast, which would mean that you’d have to use bigger, and darker font.

      Basically, what you get when you photocopy something, is what you get when you scan it.

      If you scan in color, then your storage needs go up exponentially, along with the scan time. As a matter of best practice, to save storage, you should scan white paper with black font at 200dpi. If it’s a high graphics page that needs to be a high quality, then you could go to 600 dpi.

      There are a lot of white papers out there on scanning best practices. Just do a search on them, and you’ll get plent of info.

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        White papers

        by drmweaver ·

        In reply to White with Black font

        Easier said then done. I’ve been researching all morning, past 3-4 hours. Havent found anything specific to this yet.

        I will keep searching.


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