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    colour lines on my laptop


    by tonyjames10 ·

    i have a hp compaq nc8000 the screen has lots of thin colour lines running vertically up the screen what is the cause and can it be fixed

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      by tonyjames10 ·

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      I had that, eventually the screen died on me

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      It seemed to be a bad connection somewhere.
      If you squeezed the screen around the edges they’d go a way for a bit.

      It was an old machine though, so I just scrapped it and bought a new one when it eventually died.

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      This depends on the monitor in question

      by hal 9000 ·

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      If it’s an LCD it’s most likely on it’s way out.

      However if it’s a TFT the most likely reason that this is happening is because the Screen Resolution is set too high and causing the Monitor to not work correctly and in an attempt to compensate for the high resolution produce lines from top to Bottom of the screen. The Screen Refresh Rates can also cause this to happen if they have been set too high. You should be fairly safe with 1200 X 800 and 65 HZ refresh but anything higher may cause problems.

      If the unit is still UG backup all your data and return it to HP for repair.


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