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Colume control causes PC to freeze

By Ronald Davidson ·
I ahve a pc that when the Media Player is playing and the volume contrrol is opened as soon as I try to adjust the volumn it causes the pc to freeze and reboot. Any ideas.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Colume control causes PC ...

Re-install the media player software. It is most likely corrupt.

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by Neil Cotton In reply to Colume control causes PC ...

are you trying to adjust the volume via
a) The windows volume control (sys tray / accessories>ent>Vol Con)
b) Media Player's built in sound control
c) Peripheral controls (Laptop, multimedia keyboard, remote control)

if you can adjust the windows volume controler whilst media player is playing and have no problem. Then your Media Player is corrupt and will need installing.

If windows volume controller crashes whilst media player is running, but is fine if you adjust with something else....try Control Panel>Sounds and play sounds and adjust volume.
Then, again, Media Player is corrupt. Try using Windows built in CD player so you can try adjusting the sound when the sound card is giving an audiable output.

If it crashes when playing CD player or another form of media player, but not when testing it with the control panel sound properties, where you are likely to only change the volume when there is no output, then you have either a dodgey sound card driver, or a dodgey sound card.

If you are experiencing this problem from a third party peripheral, make sure that the drivers for the unit it's self are installed and any associated software, multimedia keyboards are renouned for causing problems when people use them with normal PS2 or USB Undetected drivers. Also, if it is a multimedia keyboard (or the built in sound control keys on the laptop) check the software that corresponds to the input device, as these buttons, although marked, are completely dynamic, it may have been incorrectly assigned and is trying to perform an operation that isn't valid, or a corrupt operating, bringing down the computer.

Also, if these do not fix your problem, answer my first (3 choice) question and tell me also

2) What OS are you using?
3) What version and product is the media player?
4) Was it an upgrade or new install that caused the problem?
5) How long after the installation did the problem start?

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