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Com Port Problems

By megs ·
I'm having trouble with a new PC when I connect to the internet, the modem appears busy.
The only way to solve the problem is to unistall the modem, restart and reinstall it.
I've disabled the XP Firewall, but have Norton Firewall. I used this Firewall with no problems on my old PC.
The modem is an external one and I'm on dial up.
I've asked this same question on three other forums and no one can help!

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by megs In reply to Com Port Problems

whoops! This probably should have been in the PC troubleshooting category...

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by TheChas In reply to Com Port Problems

Sounds like a driver problem.

Is this a serial or USB modem?

A number of USB modems do not have "good" XP drivers.

Next, are you using the driver bundled with XP, or from the modem manufacture?

While Microsoft did a better job with drivers on XP, I still recommend using the manufactures driver whenever possible.

If you can identify the modem and the controller chip the modem is using, we should be able to direct you to a site to download the latest driver.

Next, how are you installing the modem?
For many devices, you need to install the driver before connecting the device.


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by valis In reply to Com Port Problems

ditch your external modem, which is probably ancient, and spend 30 dollars on a card at walmart

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by megs In reply to Com Port Problems

This question was closed by the author

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by megs In reply to Com Port Problems

I find the way this forum works is very wierd. I wanted to post comments and answer the queries, but I didn't want to close the question....
It's a parallel port, I use the drivers that came with the modem, it's only three months old, I live in Australia, so no Walmart....

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by megs In reply to Com Port Problems

I notice that now I've closed the question, I have an "Add Comment" button. I didn't notice this when the question was active. I think I need more time working with this type of forum.

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