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By carrenaus ·
is it possible to use a Spp/epp/ecp parallel port or USB as a com port? Sounds stupid but having bought a new computer I have only 1 com port which is being used by a modem.I recently bought a back up power supply which also needs a com port. i have an unused parallel port and com ports is it possible to use any of these and how would I go about it?

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by TheChas In reply to com port

Your lowest cost option should be to install an add-on serial port card.

Yes, you can get devices that convert a parallel or USB port to a COM port.

I checked at Siig's site, and they have both PCI serial port cards, and USB to serial converters.

The list price for the PCI card I looked at was $49.99

The list price for the USB to serial converter was $29.99


You should be able to find a serial port card for less.


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by carlos.nino In reply to com port

You can connect modems, printers, etc., to a USB port if that's what you are asking. Also, depending on the Mother Board you have, you can connect a second com port to it.

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by djent In reply to com port

Some of the new MBs (Asus 865/875 chipsets) have a COM2 hearder on the MB which can be used with an accessory DB9 in a backplane slot. Check your MB IO connector map in the Docs. There USB to serial adapters available if needed, they require drivers.

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by RCOM In reply to com port

Comp-usa carries an adapter that will change a USB port to serial and comes with the driver CD to install the software. There's a few issues with some older hardware like cash drawers but the connectors work.

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by wlbowers In reply to com port

They make a USB to RS232 adapter. I have found them as low as $15.00

Do a search on Google for USB to RS232

Or as one of the other answers said install a serial port card in a PCI slot.

Good Luck Lee

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