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Com.Apple.Mrj.Jmanager Error

By Leptor ·
Full Subject: Com.Apple.Mrj.Jmanager.Jmanager.JMappletSecurityExc

I would like to use the Java Client applet. But I found a problem:

On our Mac OS 9.1 systems i am getting the following error when trying to connect:
The Citrix client has not been given the required privilege:

I am using the most recent Java runtime, OS 9.1 and IE 5.5
Downgrading doesn't solve this issue. Using Mozilla neither. This problem is reproducible on our other Macintosh systems.

It should work: Citrix' readme says:
For English and other European languages, the ICA Java client has
been explicitly tested with:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x with MRJ2.x on Mac OS 9.x

Any light you can shine on it would be greatly appreciated.


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by LV426 In reply to Com.Apple.Mrj.Jmanager E ...

First make sure that Java is enabled in your browser (IE preferences pane -> Java)Make sure the 'enable Java' box is ticked and that the Java virtual machine has 'Apple MRJ' selected.
There are many issues to check (such as your date and time on the local machine) , but I suspect your problem lies in a corrupt security file.
Search for a file called 'identitydb.obj' (it will be in the preferences folder in the system folder). You can safely delete this file as it is dynamically generated everytime you connect to secure sites.

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by Leptor In reply to

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by Overmod In reply to Com.Apple.Mrj.Jmanager E ...

It appears to me that you have host code access to
Java disabled... if I read that error message rightly.

Citrix ought to tell you, either in their manual or via a
tech support person, exactly HOW the MRJ VM
should be configured. Problem is that distributed
traffic has to run over Java, and that's virtually
indistinguishable from 'malicious code'. Security
manager is just 'doing its job' by blocking it, unless you
instruct it differently... (?)

You're right -- it should work. OTOH, there have been
some mighty weird politics-related enablings and
disablings of MRJ; at one time iirc Apple dropped all
support, and even downloads, of it. Some sort of
argument with those pathetic folks over at Sun.
What's the *date* on that Citrix readme?

I'd like to think that using a variant of MRJ that
predates the 'readme date' will work with later
versions of IE. When you say 'downgrading' -- is this
everything or just the IE version?

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by Leptor In reply to

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by Leptor In reply to Com.Apple.Mrj.Jmanager E ...

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