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Combine two or more fields into one field

By scott.solice ·
In Crystal Reports 10 I'm looking for a way to combine certain sub-groups of records and
their count field- but only if they are from the same purchase order.

I have the following groups:

Group A---

Group B---

I want to combine the like groups: (Invert-Dmg with R-DmgProd , etc.)

My detail rows may look like:
PO-123 Invert-Dmg 3
PO-123 R-BadWood 5
PO-123 R-DmgProd 5

I want to include the counts of the "Inverted" groups but not show
the group names. Like this:
PO-123 R-BadWood 5
PO-123 R-DmgProd 8

Or if my detail is:
PO-ABC Invert-B.Wood 10
PO-ABC Invert-Lean 7
PO-ABC R-Lean/Shift 4

Combine to be like this:
PO-ABC R-BadWood 10
PO-ABC R-Lean/Shift 11

Thanks for any help. The detail is for export to Excel so I want a
flat file- with no groupings. I'm not sure if I should go at it
starting out finding the duplicate POs and then supress the Inverted
records? but then how do I combine the related group counts?

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