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    Combining all old music sources


    by ste.vel ·


    I am looking for some solutions to a problem with my music.
    I have multiple storage devices ie mp3 players, ipods etc and also hundreds of cd`s.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what software i can use to take all of this music and have it stored in one place. Also some software that sorts out music into albums (i have an old 80gb ipod classic with somgs all over the place that Itunes previously wasn`t able to sort).
    Thanks in advance

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      Just a reminder

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Combining all old music sources

      Remember folks, you can offer product names to help the OP, but please don’t use internet links or they will be removed by the moderators.

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      Re: music

      by kees_b ·

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      First decide on the destination. Where do you want to store all that music?

      Then, for all different sources, find out how to get the mp3’s and copy them to the destination.

      Tip: don’t forget backing up all files to a safe place.

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      “Never have I”…

      by rproffitt ·

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      Seen software that does this. The reasons are many so I see no value in rehashing why.

      Moving on. The usual fix is to get all the files onto some drive, BACK IT UP to your backup drives (one copy? must not be important?) then start organizing your collection.

      Don’t try to get it done this year. Take your time.

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      Reply To: Combining all old music sources

      by dzwonkiazcom ·

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      You just need to copy them and save them in your computer’s memory

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