combining pc's

By fLaKeYjAkE ·
OK, i have 3 pc's that I want to combine into 1 processing machine. All boxes have 1g of ram and at least a 1.8g processor. My question is this; how do I make all 3 pc's act as one? There is a way to do this but I can not find any info on the interweb how to do it. This is an exercize on improving multiple processer computing using separate machines to solve a single solution to the assigned task. I do not care if it is for gaming or finding life elsewhere in the universe or finding the DNA sequence of cancer. All I want to do is combine 3 computers into 1. So I challenge all of us techno freaks to show how to run 3 to whatever pc's as one. Do you dare to take the challenge?

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This subject has come up before on TR ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to combining pc's

And as far as I can remember (although I'm having no luck tracking down any threads) I'm kinda thinking the general concensus of opinion was that it was a pipe dream and an utter waste of time and effort.

Just my opinion though.

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Can I

by Dunno Nothing In reply to combining pc's

phone a friend?

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you only have 50-50 left

by .Martin. In reply to Can I
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by fLaKeYjAkE In reply to clustering
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by balge In reply to tanx

that should keep ya busy eh


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couple thoughts....

by ---TK--- In reply to combining pc's

couple different ways you can go about it.. but you might be wording your searches wrong. Search for Scientific computing cluster, or HPC cluster (High Performance Computing Cluster). Most likely you will have to use some form of Linux, so hopefully you know the basics. Best of luck!

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