Combining two internet connections to improve video streaming

By aldes ·
Hi Geeks,

I have a broadband connection and a USB data card. Apparently, both are not good enough to show me the live video streaming without interruption. So can anyone suggest me a way to combine them to improve the streaming experience?



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TCP/IP does not work that way

by robo_dev In reply to Combining two internet co ...

Network traffic has to take one defined route from the source to the destination. (provided the destination is not a router, but I digress)

While it's possible on the LAN side of the fence to bond or bridge multiple interfaces, over the Internet, a data stream initiated by a particular IP address (e.g. that of your USB data card) must return through the very same interface, it cannot be split or combined. TCP/IP has only one defined route at a time, so a YouTube stream started by your web browser on your PC at a particular IP address can only flow back to your PC at the IP address that started it.

While you can, with something like a enterprise Cisco router, have an interface failover to a second interface, and you could redirect certain traffic to a particular interface (e.g. FTP protocol file transfer to only go through a particular interface or round-robin DNS to a less busy web server), streaming over the Internet is very single-routed affair.

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by aldes In reply to TCP/IP does not work that ...

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