Combining two Internet Connections WIFI and Wirless for internet speed

By ahmedkh0007 ·
Combining two Internet Connections WIFI and Wirless for internet speed on a pc and lan
USB Wifi Connection speed = 1024 kbps Download
USB Wireless dongle speed = 512 kbps Download
I would love to combine those so I would get at least in a range of 1.5MB Download and faster upload.

Is Merging the 2 together to form a stronger connection would work ?.
I also have a DLINK 618 Router for Lan and wireless .So I want both USB on the pc to receive data and from there it should go to Router for other lan pcs.Individually ther are working but I think some setting in the IP is not making them to work togther. any help ? waiting for reply

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Using your PC as a Gateway is the easy bit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

All you need do is run the WiFi Setup Wizard and tell it that you are using it to connect directly to the Internet and that all other computers connect through it.

Combining the 2 WiFi Connections though is a different kettle of fish and is not something that is possible.


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the configuration cant work.

by databaseben In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

no, the connectivity doesn't work that way.

your computer can only accept one internet signal at a time and it cannot accept two separate internet signals at the same time and merge them into one.

besides your download speed is predicated by the type of internet service you are paying for.

the router will use the same speed your isp is providing you.

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bridge connections

by alexdatsko In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

You used to be able to go into Network - Adapter Settings - And click on the 2 connections and right click - Bridge Connections. However I'm not seeing the option in Windows 7 right away. It can be done though, don't listen to what the other 2 posts here that say its impossible. I have a friend who bridges a few different WiFi connections together for a combined download speed of 12mbit..

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Reponse To Answer

by databaseben In reply to bridge connections

i know about network bridges. however, i seriously doubt that your friends one isp is providing 12 mbps downloads over several wifi modems.

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Bridging Connections

by WCarlS In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

In Windows 7, to bridge connections, select Network and Internet, Network Connections, and right-click your adapter(s). In the drop-down list, you will see "Bridge Connections". Will it work with your particular setup? Try it and see.

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Ummm...hate to spoil the party but....

by robo_dev In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

Bridging and link aggregation are NOT the same thing. Bridging is connecting two LAN segments together as a Layer 2 bridge. This has little to do with trying to do link-aggregation between two WAN interfaces, which is a very different problem.

While some applications such as a Torrent app may be able to use multiple WAN interfaces at the same time, most applications cannot.

It is possible to use secondary WAN interface as a failover, or to redirect some traffic or certain users over one outbound interface or the other....but to load-balance or aggregate (bond) two WAN connections, especially from different ISPs, does not work the way it's being discussed here.

There's this small detail called 'routing' that means that a web connection to a web server from one ISP cannot be split and combined between different WAN interfaces.

You can do link aggregation and bonding on the LAN, but that's happening at layer 2.

If you're expecting to plug in a 3MBS cable modem and 3MBS DSL line and get 6MBS of YouTube video goodness one one PC, it does not work that way.

IF you have a multi-WAN router, and it's connected to DSL and Cable, it will round-robin load share the bandwidth to keep two users each using 3MBS of bandwidth happy, but it will not give one user 6MBS for any one application.

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Reponse To Answer

by djsesso In reply to Ummm...hate to spoil the ...

It would be like 2 cars going down a highway at 60 mph. They still get to their destination at the same time. They don't join forces and do 120mph. lol

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by dayen In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

Cisco ASA 5500 will work with two internet connections but you need to know how to set it up if you go this route you got some reading to do

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Two adapters-one upload, one download

by denfather In reply to Combining two Internet Co ...

How about using two adapters, one for upload one for download? It won't help with ISP throughput, but it might avoid any chokepoint in the end-users network.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Two adapters-one upload, ...

In theory, yes, but....

You have to do that by application or protocol, not by traffic direction.

So, for example, if you have a 50 gig FTP upload, your FTP application can be configured to use one gateway, and with the proxy settings in your Web browser, you can direct your Web browsing traffic through another gateway.

But I cannot think of any way to segregate and separate upload vs download otherwise.

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