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    Combo boxes within Excel


    by michaelm ·


    I come from a software company that is totally against the use of MS Access & I’m trying to create a s/sheet (that would be sooo much easier in Access) that logs all of our support calls.

    We have a massive number of codes to identify the various parts of our software application & rather than have my users freeform type in fields, I’d much rather they have to select from a drop down list.

    So far I’ve set-up validations to do this & it’s OK, but it does not provide the additional functionality that a combo box does with the ability to type a couple letters in & search based on that.

    If someone could assist me with this it would be greatly appreciated.



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      by dklippert ·

      In reply to Combo boxes within Excel

      teve Bullen has what you want:

      Scroll down to the VBA Programming section to download a working sample of

      “The standard linked edit-list box in Excel is annoying in that the selection in the list box does not reflect what is typed in the edit box. This file uses standard VBA code to simulate a linked edit-list box similar to the combo box in MS Access and the standard Help Index screen.”

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