Combo cd/dvd works for CD but not for DVD

By johngentilcore ·
I have a Compaq desktop computer w/ a cd/dvd combo drive that will RW both. For a long while now it has been acting odd, w/ either cd or dvd it would play really slow and distorted, like it wasn't reading fast enough. Also when i would try to write a CD-R it would only go 2x - 3x speed. Yesterday i found a thread on here that suggested uninstalling the primary and secondary IDE (I have no idea what that is i just followed the instructions given) After that i tried to burn a CD, SUCCESS ! it was burning at +20X. BUT then i put in a commercial DVD and it wouldn't even recognize it. The player wouldn't play it, and explorer wouldn't open it either. I also tried writting to a blank DVD, but it wouldn't recognize the DVD.
I can only assume this is a software/settings issue since the CD works fine now. and previously the DVD did work even if it was very choppy and distorted.
Does anyone know what else i possibly need to do ? What are encoders and decoders ? Is that something i need to update or something? Sorry i'm not real PC literate.

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re-install the drivers

by The Scummy One In reply to Combo cd/dvd works for ...

for the device.

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re-install done but no difference

by johngentilcore In reply to re-install the drivers

Ok , i un-installed and re-installed the driver for the combo drive, but still nothing. It doesn't recognize a DVD no matter what program i try to use to read it.

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Without knowing which OS you are using, I would guess...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Combo cd/dvd works for ...

That when you uninstalled the primary and secondary IDEs, then rebooted, allowing the system to re-establish the IDE associations - your DVD burning software became detached from the mix.

Depending on what DVD burning software you have installed, I suggest you install it again, over the top of whatever presently exists. That should awaken the facility that used to work. :)

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