Comcast and Linksys router walkthrough needed

By Wscheck1981 ·
Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me out. I've read a few threads on how Comcast is blocking people from using a router. I was hoping someone who is knowledgeable could help me set things up.

I need to use my router for wireless use and I do have a Xbox360 :) . but most importantly I can't have my internet always disconnecting from me because I trade commodities on it during the day.

from what I understand you need to "trick" the modem. I'm sort of a newbie with networking so some help would be much appreciated.

I am using windows Vista 32

linksys router is:WRAT54G

Aris comcast cable modem

once again, I'd like to thank you all for the help.

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Most routers have the ability to "Clone" the mac address

by robo_dev In reply to Comcast and Linksys route ...

that you have registered with the ISP.

Check out this FAQ area at:

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Out of the box ...

by Churdoo In reply to Comcast and Linksys route ...

... this setup should work.

No tricks, just a power-cycle. When you switch the cable modem from being hooked to your PC to the WAN port of the router, you need to power-cycle the cable modem so it forgets the PC mac address and binds to the router mac address which it will do when it boots. Now to power cycle the cable modem may mean disconnecting the power AND battery so the unit powers down cold for XX seconds, since many cable modems now have built in batteries.

Or as robo stated, you can have the WRT54G clone the mac address of your PC ... wait, yes theoretically should work without cycling the cable modem, but if the WRT54G is cloning your PC's mac address and you move your PC to your LAN of course with it's same mac address, this could cause ARP problems. I'd leave the WRT factory mac and power cycle the cable modem so it can bind to the new mac addy.

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