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Comcast invisible share?

By gralfus ·
Last night I was purusing my event viewer and found an entry that was curious. It was complaining that a share named COMCAST could not be mounted because the folder didn't exist anymore. I checked my shares in Computer Management and it was not listed, so I went to the drive and location that the event viewer mentioned and created a folder called COMCAST. I rebooted and checked the shares listing again, and there it was!

The problem is, I never created it to begin with. I didn't investigate who had permissions to it, or other information that I wish I had checked now. I deleted it from my shares listing, and then deleted the folder.

I'm curious how this share came to exist in the first place. It gave me the willies, reminiscent of Sony's rootkit creating invisible folders. I never installed software from Comcast during my setup with the account, besides it was on a drive I added long after I first got the service. I ran the program "rootkit revealer", but found nothing.

I'm assuming that if they really wanted to, they could do something like this to track downloads or other information, but without more information it is hard to tell what it was all about. But I will be watching for it in the future.

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Temp Folder?

by BFilmFan In reply to Comcast invisible share?

Perhaps it was a temporary folder that just didn't get cleaned up well after an installation?

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Hard to tell at this point

by gralfus In reply to Temp Folder?

I have never installed a program to that drive (only used for data), and certainly nothing related to Comcast. That is what led me to think that perhaps Comcast had installed something without my knowledge. But since I deleted the share, it will be hard to tell what it did, unless it comes knocking again.

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