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Comedy and politics

By maxwell edison ·
As many of you may or may not know, accuracy in reporting is one of my pet peeves. (This includes "reporting" of any kind, from any and all sources, including an individual. A false premise, I've often said, equals a flawed conclusion and/or a poor decision.)

The Pew Research Center, which I consider one of the more reputable organizations that measure public opinion and behavior, has reported something that is, if you think about it, rather sad. 20 percent of young adults in America, the report says, learn their political campaign news from late night television shows such as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and others. Man oh man, talk about an uninformed electorate. One-fifth of the voting public cast their votes based on comedy and satire! I find that incredible. I find that disturbing.

Another 20 percent gathered their "news" from the Internet. The Internet can certainly be a source for credible information, to be sure, but it can also be a source for the absolute worst misinformation.

Nightly network news was named as a regular source of campaign news by 35 percent, newspapers by 31 percent, and 38 percent said cable news networks was a source for political campaign information.

Obviously there are overlaps in sources, which is understandable, since many people, myself included, use a myriad of sources to gather information and as a way to (hopefully) weed out misinformation.

But the article concludes as follows:

"Young adults were far more likely than those over age 50 to say they regularly learned something from comedy TV shows ? by 21 percent to 3 percent. In general, Americans are poorly informed on specific information about the campaign. Those who regularly learn about the campaigns from entertainment shows were even less informed."

They "learned something from comedy TV shows"? Comedy TV shows?????? Sad, very sad indeed.

What do you think? What are your sources? Do you think the Internet is more a source of information or misinformation? Do you even consider the "comedy" shows at all? How many try to find the necessary "balance"?

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No one source...

by TomSal In reply to Comedy and politics

Hey Max, as usual I enjoy another one of your posts. I think the key to getting accurate information is the most obvious -- never rely on just one source.

I'm a very cynical person, so trust me I *NEVER* rely on one source for news. The only time I stray from this rule is with news told to me from someone I trust very dearly, and believe one earns my trust easily so there are few in this world that fall into that category.

The Internet is good, but like you said you need to be careful because its also the world's largest pile of BS. For a REALLY good example of this (and a good laugh) go into some of these chat programs on the net and listen to what folks say...its really quite amusing how everyone is a "know-it-all" on those things.

Its quite nerve wracking for me though...because I HATE MISINFORMATION so I about glow red sometimes trying to not freak. lol

Especially don't you like when someone is telling you a load of BS that you KNOW is so not true....makes my head want to pop like a zit. lol


PS. Daily Show

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even many sources can be wrong

by john_wills In reply to No one source...

During the 1960s and 1970s people on both sides regarding the Vietnam War based their understanding of the war on one of two motives which were frequently repeated, i.e. apparenly not just from one source. However, I remember the begining of the war, and I have consulted contemporary documents to confirm my memories, and neither of the two popular theories corresponded with reality. The trick here was that I paid attention when the war was declared, so that when the various justifications later came up I knew they were recent inventions. But lots of people seem to have been deceived.

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Question for John

by maxwell edison In reply to even many sources can be ...

When you said, "The trick here was that I paid attention when the war was declared...." Were you still talking about the Vietnam war, or did you shift gears to the present Iraq war?

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which war

by john_wills In reply to Question for John

I was talking about the Vietnam War: I remember reading about it in my parents' newspaper in 1956, and I saw occasional references to it in various publications before it became a hot topic in the U.S.

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Good Topic Max.

by jkaras In reply to Comedy and politics

As usual Max you bring good topics and information. Many of your postings has either changed my perspective or made me conside wisdom from an opposing view not looking at all sides previously. So dont take this the wrong way but...

Almost all of your postings are links to published articles to prove your point of view. Yes I do understand that facts need to support what your saying but information is printed from the ability to generate money, pure and simple. It is not about reporting the truth since they never take the responsibility to print PROPER retractions of false reporting. Everything is sensationalized to sell the info to generate money from either advertising or book sales. Celebrities/sports figures/politicians all use publicists, brain trusts, spin doctors, and leak information for disinformation to sway opinion of said individual. The commercials that politicians promote are mud slinging to discredit the competition rather than educate the masses of why they are not qualified or good enough to do the job. Information of said offical not showing up to voting or misapproriation of funds is fine to make a learned decision, not dirty laundry. Everything is a lie and they change their stance to generate the most votes due to polls, interviews are scripted so it insults the people they are trying to sway. Why anyone watches talk shows is beyond me? They should be called scripted lies and plugs for their worthless projects. I pay plenty of good money when I buy a ticket for entertainment not when I want information about someone.Why would you want to trust someone who is kissing your *** or selling you a line, wheres the integrity? Truth is we want to have the best liar or the best comeback artist. If a candidate takes the high road we see them as weak and dont vote for them, why? Everytime you check out at the grocery story we are bombarded by rag magazines of lies and multiple interviews of the same individual in many different magazines that contradict what either happened or what they believe in due to the target audience of the periodical.

Sorry for the long winded cynical paragraphs but if were going to pay attention we might as well be entertained when being lied to. Just look at the "reality tv" boom. People believe that it is all real despite the shows creators or hosts admitting that they reshoot incidents to get the best shot and that they are somewhat scripted. The latest lie is the marriage show with the fat guy. How in the helll can the family pretend that they dont know its make believe while their is a camera crew documenting a few day relationship into marraige? Either they are the most clueless individuals or what? we a re the cattle that our society created. Can I get a "MOO" from the congregation?

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reality TV

by maecuff In reply to Good Topic Max.

Is a joke often is a group of people deposited on a island, forced to create tribes and vote each other off their island? How often does an ordinary person get offered $50,000 for eating pig rectums? I am amazed at how closely people follow these programs.. and don't even start on the who wants to marry a _____ fill in the blank. It's embarrassing for all of us.

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Survivor, what a joke eh?

by Oz_Media In reply to reality TV

I say take 12 people and drop them off at different parts of an island or even different islands. Give them a panic button to push when they've had enough and see who 'survives'.

There's a reality show. It is well known that MANY of the situations on survivor are rescripted events that happen but just aren't TV friendly enough untile they have the correct lighting, memebers involved etc. to play the story line.

Like you said, that's not reality.
Who wants to marry a ... should be Who wants to be humiliated in television.

Yes, maecuff, quite a farce and yet some people will plan their lives around these shows so as not to miss it.

there were some late night talk show jokes about politics the other night, I think that these shows are where people get some ideas from.

I think it was Leno : Bush is planning a trip to the moon. In order to ensure they hit their target landing area, he will wait until a full moon.

Then: Clinton has been seen walking arounfd the white house wearing panties on his arm. When asked why, he said he was trying to quit.

These are political jokes that some will read as statements about someone's ability to rule America. "Hey if everyone is laughing at ... why would I vote for him and become a public joke?"

I've also noticed that they picked on Al Gore quite heavily no MOST of these shows at election time, VERY little about GWB at that time.

Gore lost the election. Hmmmmm.

Personally I have NO opinion whatsoever on Gore's abilities or inabilities, I have not followed his political past and only see fault in Bush as a result of his actions in office. I had no previous thougts toward his (in)abilities.

I think too many people are easily swayed by TV politics.

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Why does GWB want to go to Mars?

by maxwell edison In reply to Survivor, what a joke eh?

He's still looking for those weapons of mass destruction.

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THat;s funny timing Max

by Oz_Media In reply to Why does GWB want to go t ...

I was just onsite and the client's radio jock was saying how he thinks Saddam sent the WMD to Mars so that GWB couldn't find them!

Perhaps that explains why so much money is invested into Mechano toys (remember Mechano?) in outer space, they've gotta find the stuff!


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Heh heh

by Cactus Pete In reply to Why does GWB want to go t ...

...Then I guess he's still overestimating Hussein's abilities!

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