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Coming soon to a member near you - TR's Ignore user option

By tcavadias Staff ·
As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, there is a new link in your profile (in your contact tab. soon to be called "People" tab) called "Ignoring", but it doesn't seem to quite do anything... It will, just not right now.. (So, if you read the first few words of this paragraph and left to check it out, well if you had stayed, you would have seen that I tell ya, it doesn't work "yet" ;-) )

You may have also noticed a couple of members have this new button called "Ignore" that pop-ups up in the tooltip balloon when you hover your mouse over their gravatar (now stop that, I am trying to write here and you all are trying to use my gravatar to see if it works - well it don't - you can't ignore me - ha ha)

If you do see this option for a few members, that too does not work - yet.

I know you all are just dying to get a chance to try this new feature out on me, Soni or even Jason - afraid once this feature does go live, it can not be used on Moderators, Staff or Editors (you can however use it for writers). Sorry to disappoint, but Ha Ha - you all are just stuck having to listening to what I write (now stop that, I saw you trying to cover me up again with the tooltip balloon)

Once this feature goes live I'll let everyone know. In the meantime, while you patiently (or not so patiently wait) here is the gist of the do, don'ts and what-nots for this new feature...

How do I ignore a member?

You can ignore a member in a couple of ways.

1: Directly from within one of their posted comments by hovering your mouse cursor over the members gravatar and then clicking on "ignore"

2: From a members profile page, click on the "Ignore" button located directly below the members gravatar

*Note: If you wish to ignore a member who is currently one of your contacts, you will need to "Unfollow" them first, before you can "ignore them"

What happens when I ignore a member?

All comments from an ignored member will be auto-collapsed so you do not see them

Can I ignore a moderator?

No. The option to ignore a moderator, staff member or editor is not available

Can I still read an ignore members comments?

Yes. To read an ignored members comment, click on "Read anyways" (But, why would you ignore someone if you are going to read their comments anyway?)

How do I stop ignoring someone?

You can unignore a member several ways:

1: Directly from an ignored members comment, by clicking on "Read anyways" and then click on "unignore" (If you have just ignored them, and their comment is still displayed, you can simply hover back over their gravatar and click on "unignore")

2: Go to the ignored members profile, click on the "Unignore" button directly under the members gravatar

3: or from within your Profile, click on the "People" tab, click on the "Ignoring" link (left-hand side), find the member you wish to stop ignoring and click on "unignore"

*Note: If you wish to "follow" a member who is currently one of your "Ignored" members, you will need to "Unignore" them first, before you can "Follow" them

How do I know who I am ignoring?

Go to your Profile, click on the "People" tab, then click on the "Ignoring" link (left-hand side)

Can I see who is ignoring me?

No. You can only see who you are ignoring

I went to the profile of someone I am ignoring, and clicked on one of their comments. It was not auto-collapsed. Is this a bug?

No. We have taken for granted that if you purposely go to an ignored members profile and click on one of their comments from within their profile, you desired to read that comment.

-Tammy [_]3

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