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Command line tool for folder permission

By velayudhan.radhakrishnan ·
Hi i am looking for a command line tool or script which will give me folder permissions that differ from their parent folder

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Command line tool for fol ...

You can use the CACLS.EXE (Change ACLs) tool to view/add/remove permissions.

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by velayudhan.radhakrishnan In reply to Permissions

Hi thanks for the reply, i used cacls.exe for retriving folder permissions but how do i use it for retriving folder permissions that have different permission from the parent folder

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Non-inherited permissions

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Permissions

You mean just display the folder specific permissions and ignore the inherited permissions?

Use the result and filter it with FIND e.g.
cacls . | find "(CI)" /N

which exclude ACLS with container inheritance.

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