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command line tutorial

By solutions59 ·
Dear community,

I would like to ask your opinion; if there was a tutorial
> > series, that teaches command line for say, SOHO or small
> owners, or students, or administrators, or IT interns; if it was
> provided on dvd, along with manuals, and plenty of illustrations,
> examples, and breakdowns completely explaining every switch,
> variable, statement, condition, etc along with website support;
> > and loadable files to use as examples to study on, what would you
> > think of it along with the pros and cons?

Its just that ive read several manuals on the subject, and theyre so
technical, and cryptic, its easy to struggle. Lucky for me, ive become good at understanding
this subject.
I simply believe that I can do a better job of explaining command line concepts, and batch
scripting so that the average person can really understand. For example, are you familiar
with the "video professor" series that uses a very user friendly approach to teaching?
The illustrations are presented with pre selected mouse movements on the screen that show
you exactly where to move your mouse, and click, step by step. Though command line is mouse,
and GUI free, I think something similar to showing each command typed, and entered with
results presented, and explained (before the student types in anything, just like the
"video professor" series) would go a long way to helping the student understand. I would
present this on DVD as a classroom style teaching tool. Explaining each command switch,
option, etc, with a large video screen tool that I would use as a virtual blackboard.
Just as the "video professor" would lead you with a cursor step, by step, my series would
similarly do the same.

Holla if you feel me.
Thanks, Solutions

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depends on why you aske the question?

by nedg In reply to command line tutorial

If you are looking at publishing it on the net for free or for a small fee to help others out, there will be heaps of people that will appreciate it or at least take a look at it and try and understand it.

your avarage computer user has problems locating the start button on there desktop let alone scripting.

If you are looking at it from a marketing point of view, your main market will be other IT related people, and they will nut it out or google it in most cases, and to pay for somthing lol will only happen after they open and read the users guide!

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Thank you from Video Professor

by vplearning In reply to command line tutorial

I'm a customer advocate for Video Professor just cruising the web.

Just want to say thanks for the complimentary mention of our tutorial product model. We work very hard to make sure our tutorials are easy for average people to understand and learn from.

Hope this model is successfull for you too.


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