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By tomgreenfield_16 ·
I have acidentally installed a 'Trojan Horse' on my it, it has disabled my command prompt therefore making it very difficult for me to do much of my work. I know how to disable it. Does anyone know how to enable it. HINT: when i try and open command prompt, it says ' the commmand prompt has been disabled by your system administrator. PLEASE HELP ANYONE

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Command Prompt

Can you access the F8 boot menu and boot to a command prompt?

If not, boot it from the Win CD and go into the repair option. You can get to a command prompt from there, assuming you know the local Administrator password.

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by tomgreenfield_16 In reply to Windows?

Is there anything else I can do? I really can't be bothered to get the CD out and start repairing. Will it change any of my current settings if I do?

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delete the trojan

by jin29_vincentneci In reply to

first delete the trojan... so you could enable your cmd!!

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by tomgreenfield_16 In reply to delete the trojan

I think i've got rid of the trojan and I still cant access it.....i need the command prompt to download the virus you recommend any

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format c -f

by jdclyde In reply to

Can't be bothered. Hmmm, that is very interesting. Anyone that "can't be bothered" do fix a problem, DESERVES to be stuck with the problem.

Don't ask for help if you aren't willing to follow the sound advice given to you based on being lazy. X-(

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by tomgreenfield_16 In reply to format c:\ -f sorry... I have tried to do that F8 boot menu but that doesnt work either. How can you detect trojans and delete them without subscribing to a virus checker software company?

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Don't bother

by jdclyde In reply to

if your not running an Anti-Virus and keeping it current on your system, then your system is toast.

Any system that connects to the internet MUST have antivirus running.

AVG has a free version for home use only.

From the sounds of it, you will have to find someone that is good with computers to get this fixed for you. Virus and malware removal is hard enough for someone skilled in this, and takes a hands on. I don't see this getting resolved like this.

When I encouter systems like this, it really is quicker to format and reload than to try to clean it up. Even if you get it clean, the windows will be unstable.

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by zaferus In reply to Don't bother

If you don't know how to edit your hosts, use msconfig, "hijack this" or get a floppy/safe mode command to boot to a command prompt you'll struggle with fixing this.

Don't take it personally - identifying and removing virii can be tricky even with experience. Get a friend who really knows what he's doing here AFTER you backup your data and if things don't pull through... reformat.

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I agree.

by baketown83 In reply to Don't bother

I agree 100%. I keep a backup image of my harddrive and update it once every two weeks. I also run an update about every two days for my anti-virus. And another thing that helps me is that I use the same anti-virus that my work uses, so when we update there I know to update at home or the other way around. I think that it is much easier to just re-format and then image it or start from scratch. Of course you loose all your stuff but anyone with brains would keep a back up for situations like this. I too have just joined this site and I hope I dont ever post anything like this person and have people lash out on me. That is just embarassing.

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Well, then don't...

by noyoki In reply to I agree.

post that you don't care about the answers. After all, if you don't care about the answers, why waste everyone's time with the questions?

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