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By mktz ·
I am very new to netware. I installed a server netware 6 and was wondering if anyone knows of a good site or book to learn server console commands and basic syntax. I am trying to install sp4 from nwconfig i have already extracted it and burned it to cdrom. When i tyoe inthe path to the cdrom it cant find the spack file because i am tying in the directory path wrong. How do you type inthe path is it cdromname:\spack.ips. I know this is basic.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Command syntax

First, did the cdrom mount? ie does it show as a mounted volume?

This is something one doesn't do every day so I am a little rusty, still on SP3.

When you push the F3 key to select a different source path you will probably put in cdromname: as this is a mounted volume and you end it with a colon rather than\ .
It will find the spack.ips on it's own if you have the correct path.

If the volume didn't mount type, cdrom at the console prompt, if you get an error it is because you don't have cdrom.nlm in SYS:system. They left it off one of the CD's and I cannot remember which one, might be sp3 so copy it from original software.
Good Luck,

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by Oz_Media In reply to Command syntax

I would try just extracting the SP to a folder oon the SYS drive. This way it is easy to install through nwconfig if you're having drive probs.

What I have done a couple of times is create a new folder on the server, extract the Sp to it and map it as a new drive letter.
Then the NW config path is as simple as drive map/filename.

You can burn a copy of the downloaded file to CD then delete the files from the server and remove the drive map.

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by Duster52 In reply to Command syntax

First make sure the CDROM mounted. You can verify this by typing "volumes" at the command prompt. If you see the name of the cd, then the CD is mounted. If not, type CDROM at the command prompt and it should will see some dialog scroll up the screen...

Usually the spack.ips (or equivalent) is one or two levels down in the directory structure. Use windows explorer (or some other) to find the file, then type that in NWCONFIG.

As for learning commands, one of the easiest ways is to type HELP at the command prompt on the server. That will give you a list of all of the basic commands (additional installs will have other commands). Then to learn about other commands you can type HELP "command name".

You can also do the same for workstations commands. Map a drive to the SYS volume and then browse to the public directory. At the command prompt on the workstation type the command name /? and it will give you a good description of those commands.

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