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commands for netware 3.12

By sree_cr ·
can some one help me to learn and download netware 3.x commands and installation details

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Command Line Help

by stevenorta In reply to commands for netware 3.12

I believe if you use the Net Help command at the command prompt you should find everything you need. It's been a couple of years, but I use to use the online whenever I had a question.

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Netware 3.12

by DukeBytes In reply to commands for netware 3.12

The best thing that you could do is goto ebay or one of the other auction sites and look for a few good books on it. One really good one is the CNA study guide for 3.12. I also have one more at home that I loved and used for years - but I can't remember the name of it right now... (haven't touched it in 2 years...)

I could show you how to install 3.12 - but I would have trouble trying to explain it. It is a little more involved of an install than windoze...

Oh and the only command that you need to learn well is "SYSCON - the mother of all utilities" as Novell used to call it :)

also try this link -

Good luck,

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Documentation on Novell site

by Russell Cohen In reply to commands for netware 3.12

In case you haven't already found out for yourself, the better part of the original NetWare 3.12 documentation (applicable to most 3.x versions) is still available on the Novell website at:
I'm not quite sure, though, why you'd want to start learning an operating system that's no longer supported by the vendors. I'd suggest that you rather look at NetWare 4.11/4.20, which is still supported until the end of this year. The hardware requirements are not onerous (I'm still running copy of NetWare 4.20 on a 486/66) and you have the advantage of NDS.

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Manuals, help and utils

by asbjorn.alveberg In reply to commands for netware 3.12

I guess that you now have to administer a Novell network and suggest the following.

Find the original (red) Novell-manuals they are good.
Type help from command prompt. Your active drive and path should be sys:public on the novell server.
As someone else mentioned syscon is good. You can also use volinfo, filer and rconsole (remote console).
From the server console type "load install" and press enter. If you are extremely careful you can review the startup files "startup.ncf" and "autoexec.ncf". Netware boots on a small dos-partition starts server.exe and runs startup.ncf and then autoexec.ncf. Then it loads sys and any other volumes. Try and make your own server by copying the dos partition and the "system" directory from sys on a fully operational server. Put it on at separate network to avod conflict using the same network number as the server you copied from.

Good luck!

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