Commands in "Recovery console" for recovering files in C my pictures

By mrp4453 ·
Hello all, I want a kind suggestion/help for recovering imp files from "C drive" using recovery console. I need some commands which can help me to copy to any other drives !!!

Deeply appreciate in adv for your help !

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Commands in "Recovery console"

by balge In reply to Commands in "Recovery con ...

not actually used RC for this myself, I generally use a live CD for data recovery (UBCD) but here's the griff -



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Recovery console

by mrp4453 In reply to Commands in "Recovery con ...


Thank you very much for your kind reply.But do u mean LIVE CD means (WINDOWS XP Bootable CD)


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Recovery Console commands ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Commands in "Recovery con ...

Attrib: Changes the attributes of a file or directory.

Batch: Executes the commands specified in the text file.

Bootcfg: Boot file (boot.ini) configuration and recovery.

ChDir (Cd): Displays the name of the current directory or changes the current directory.

Chkdsk: Checks a disk and displays a status report.

Cls: Clears the screen.

Copy: Copies a single file to another location.

Delete (Del): Deletes one or more files.

Dir: Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.

Disable : Disables a system service or a device driver.

Diskpart: Manages partitions on your hard drives.

Enable: Starts or enables a system service or a device driver.

Exit: Exits the Recovery Console and restarts your computer.

Expand: Extracts a file from a compressed file.

Fixboot: Writes a new partition boot sector onto the specified partition.

Fixmbr: Repairs the master boot record of the specified disk.

Format: Formats a disk.

Help: Displays a list of the commands you can use in the Recovery Console.

Listsvc: Lists the services and drivers available on the computer.

Logon: Logs on to a Windows installation.

Map: Displays the drive letter mappings.

Mkdir (Md): Creates a directory.

More: Displays a text file.

Net Use: Connects a network share to a drive letter.

Rename (Ren): Renames a single file.

Rmdir (Rd): Deletes a directory.

Set: Displays and sets environment variables.

Systemroot: Sets the current directory to the systemroot directory of the system you are currently logged on to.

Type: Displays a text file.

I don't really see how any of these commands could perform the 'recovery' action you are seeking.

The COPY command can only handle one single file at a time and does not support wilrdcard characters in the file name. Consequently, using this command to copy multiple files would prove both time-consuming and arduous.

A live CD (with the power of a GUI) would be much more preferable.

Edit for typos.

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Recovery Console commands ...

by mrp4453 In reply to Recovery Console commands ...


What do u mean of LIVE CD ?


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Download & Burn the UBCD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Recovery Console commands ...

You can download it from here:


The Ultimate Boot CD is a bootable disc that is a Self-Contained operating system - that is why it is called 'Live'.

Once it boots, it's as if you are running a full computer system WITHOUT accessing Windows at all. Therefore you can examine and check all the internal components of the computer, that normally you wouldn't be able to, because Windows would be getting in the way.

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