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    Comments to articles broken in Firefox?


    by nicknielsen ·


    Is anybody else having a problem with comments not appearing after articles if you’re using Firefox? It doesn’t matter how I access an article (email link, TR page, other link), I can’t post comments, nor can I see comments that are already posted. One thing I have noticed is that the Profile indicator that usually sits at the far right end of the menu bar is missing on every page.

    It’s not the whole site (I’m posting this question with FF), but any time I want to comment or read the comments on a posted article or gallery, I need to fire up IE or Chrome.

    Windows 7 Home Premium (SP 1)
    FF 48.0.2
    AdBlock Plus (TR whitelisted)
    NoScript (All scripts allowed)

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      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Comments to articles broken in Firefox?

      I’ve been seeing that intermittently since the 2013 change.

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        by morrisntex ·

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        Same here…

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      I’ll have them double check

      by Tammy.Cavadias ·

      In reply to Comments to articles broken in Firefox?

      We have had an issue with FF turning off Java which has caused us issues as it is needed for commenting, since commenting to the articles is powered by LiveFyre (a third party commenting system), where as the forums are not.

      Nick can you shoot me a screenshot?

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        That’s what it is

        by nicknielsen ·

        In reply to I’ll have them double check

        “Java Plugin … has been blocked for your protection.” Updating…

        I should have known. I’ve been fighting FF for years when connecting to and logging on public wi-fi. “Unsecure connection. Firefox is unable to connect.” Why? Because Firefox ignores even [b]explicit[/b] unsecure formatting in bookmarks (http:// v. https:// in the bookmark URL).

        Aside: I’ll give Oracle credit where it’s due. Java just asked if I wanted to uninstall the outdated version. Given Java’s past notoriety for leaving old versions behind, this is a refreshing change.

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        That explains a lot

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to I’ll have them double check

        We’re locked into a specific version of Java at work. We have a critical third-party application that the vendor will support only for Java 7 Update 21.

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