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    Comminucation Device


    by uedah001 ·

    Where can I obtain the PCI Simple Communications Controller” Driver for Dell’s Latitude Cpi to reinstall?

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      by thechas ·

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      You should be able to get the driver directly from Dell’s web site.

      You will need to enter the serial number from the laptop to access the files.

      Otherwise, try

      Just be cautious if you decide to use an uploaded driver.


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      by dmiles ·

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      There is not such thing as a “PCI Simple Communications Controller” driver.

      This “driver” is shown by Windows as a way to tell its users that is has found a piece of PCI hardware to which it cannot relate from its list of pre-loaded devices.

      In most cases, you have to go to Update Driver, ask Windows to show you a list of compatible devices and, if you have the installation disk for the device, click on “Have Disk”.

      If you don’t have the installation disk because your device should not need one (PCI USB Hubs, for instance) and Windows does not show the right device, it could be because the device itself is too old or it is not compatible with your current OS. Contact the manufacturer.

      If you don’t have the installation disk because you forgot where you put is, buy some medicine to improve your memory and contact the manufacturer of your device. If the manufacturer does not exist (not a so rare occurrence these days), search for the original device driver on the Internet.

      If you ar not sure which PCI device causes the problem (some devices may even work quite well while still generating the error), shut down your PC, extract one of the PCI devices, boot up your PC and see if the problem goes away.

      If so, that device is the culprit. If not, repeat the process (without re-inserting the device(es) you extracted before).

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      by wlbowers ·

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      Dell is the easiest vendor to get drivers. Go to their support site and enter the service tag number for the machine. You can then get the drivers that are supplied for it as shipped and upgrades.

      If the sticker is not on the laptop the service tag is avaible in the setup screens.

      Good Luck Lee

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