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    Common Sense vs. Outsourcing Mythology


    by steve ·

    Companies should never get more [or less] from outsourced resources than they do from their own people. Let’s face it; the people you hire, internal or external, are similar in qualifications when performing similar work.

    There is nothing inherently wrong about outsourcing security, but, yes, you must check on the credentials of your officer, whether internal or external.

    Your security officer must be of outstanding character — that is the most important qualification — and truly understand security risk assessment.

    Kelly Kavanagh’s comment that, ?Go on site to make sure it?s not a couple of guys with beepers in an office suite? is both mean-spirited and ill-mannered. What is wrong with a couple of guys with beepers? Are we concerned with their wealth or their character? Are you so prejudiced as to believe that less-than accommodations or financials suggests less-than character? This comment tarnishes my otherwise sterling view of the Gartner group.

    Computer security is mostly a matter of passwords and integrity. If either are no good, then you are in trouble. I don’t care if it is someone internal or external to your organization.

    What is wrong with using shrink-wrap software? No, it may not provide a comprehensive corporate security system, but it may be a good start for thousands and thousands of smaller firms.

    “I believe… That character – not wealth or power or position – is of supreme worth.”
    –John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

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      Security is more than that – a lote more

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to Common Sense vs. Outsourcing Mythology

      Computer security is much much much more than a couple of passwords. That is why she said to check out who you are outsourcing to …

      Question – how to do secure the internet connection to your Unix or NT server? Just a couple of passwords????

      Not to flame you – but there is a ton more than a simple password. What about securing Email, Internet hackers, Spam, DOSE attacks, viruses, worms, and the list goes on…

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