Common ways of limiting user's manipulation errors in windows explorer ?

By a.cariage ·
first, as I'm new to this fabulous website, let me introduce and let you know I'm a young SysAdmin trying to manage one Win2k3 server and 15pc's, and trying to learn alone in Geneva Switzerland =)
So hi and thanks all for your help.

Well, the question:
I'm looking for an easy way to limit users possibilities to make errors on our share (that they explore simply with windows explorer) which are mostly accidental drag and drop.
Deleted files problems can be managed by backups or VSS but these drag and drops really turn the share to a great mess and make the users (and myself) loose a lot of time.
Users though, must be able to create and delete any file as they all can be involved in various projets, hence directories.

Is there a Windows-integrated-way to improve our way of using shares ?
Or will we have to use some kind of Intranet-managed DMS ?



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Broke by design

by StealthWiFi In reply to Common ways of limiting u ...

Unfortunately the problem you described is innate by design. If you want users to be able to manipulate, add and delete files you can't really limit how they do that.

Your best option is training your users in best practices and PC basics. Sit them down and do a lunch and learn. Make it interactive and get them involved. If it's wasting their time too they should be on board very easily.

Unless you prefer some sort of custom system, Windows is designed to behave in that manner.

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Okay thanks...

by a.cariage In reply to Broke by design

Thanks you for your answer !

I just thought about some GPO settings maybe ? I think your answer also included this point but...

Your idea of formation is good also, maybe can I do something if I believe in what I say ;-)


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Is it really necessary

by IC-IT In reply to Okay thanks...

for all the users to have access to all the shares?

It almost sounds as if they have free run on the server and are wasting a lot of time browsing around.

Are the shares laid out logically and functionally?

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Best Practices

by StealthWiFi In reply to Okay thanks...

Sometimes it can help if you back up your side with Industry Best Practices, there are tons of top 10 articles here on tech republic and a google search for best practices can turn up gold.

I found in my shop training and trust go a lot farther than lock outs, and like the other poster said make sure the shares are logical. Maybe a sit down with the top offendors or all the users to get their opinion of how the folders should be laid out for their optimum productivity.


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