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Comms Room Planning

By gar78 ·

We're about to start planning a new building for our company and we're gathering requirements for our comms/server room. This comms room will house our IT infrastructure and as part of the planning process, I was wondering what others experiences were in doing this. Specifically, I guess I'm referring to things that you have found that worked and also things that haven't.

Thoughts would be much apprciated!

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by tbragsda In reply to Comms Room Planning

Get a good contractor/vendor to help. I built out a new server room in a building we built, and air has been my biggest problem. We now have move-n-cools to agument cooling.

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Spare capacity

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Comms Room Planning

Air conditioning, power, cabling, rackspace, work surfaces always works.
A whiteboard (don't forget the pens !)
A closed off noise free and a little warmer space, for when you have to spend time in there.
Oh and a double door !

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Fire supression

by dafe2 In reply to Spare capacity

Don't forget a solid fire supression system.

In addition to all this, it's not too costly to have remote alerts sent to on-call personel

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Temperature Alarms

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Fire supression

UPS Alarms or back up generator status.

More than one phone.
CCTV, so you can see your manager boffing a secretary in private after doing a line of coke off the server. (You might want to come up with a better justification)
If you do build in fire supression etc, make sure it's linked in to the rest of the system. I know of one lot who lost a tech during an impromptu fire drill and then discovered that you couldn't hear the building alarm in the server room.

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IP Cameras & Boffing

by dafe2 In reply to Temperature Alarms


I just get our guys in the Security Monitoring Room to feed the good stuff to the intanet for all to enjoy.

As far as monitoring, at the thousand foot view, we watch for fire humidity & temperature in both the server room & cable plants. The rooms also have controlled entry.

When key people have certain hobbies at work (and) turn down special projects, I ask our Security Monitoring Room personel to pay particular attention to certain IP cameras. They are then requested to publish special kodak moments to the intranet.

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Room for generator

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Comms Room Planning

Don't forget to plan for space for a backup generator outside of your building (unless you like CO).

Craig Herberg

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Air and Fire suppression

by trockii In reply to Comms Room Planning

The first thing to think about is power. Without power you have nothing. So you have power for the servers now but the servers produce heat. AC time. I highly recommend an air conditioning unit with a built in thermometer that shuts off and turns the unit on without you having to worry about it. Now you have to worry about fire suppression. I recommend Halon. I am sure there are others, but water sure isn't one of them. If the server room is near your office you may want to think of the noise that will be coming from there and put up some noise canceling walls or something.

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Power & data cabling

by swnz In reply to Comms Room Planning

All of servers are mounted on a false floor, which allowed us not only to reduce the trip hazards associated with data cabling, but also to improve aesthetics.

On the power side of things, give some thought to both the electrical current requirements of your equipment, and also the types of plugs they use. There's nothing worse than buying a 16A PDU and finding you have to change the electrical sockets to make it fit!

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Think access and exit

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Comms Room Planning

I have been in many computer and comms centres and most are very well planned and set out for the technilogical nees of the day and some to come. However, most are very badly planned for the human element and for human aspects or emergencies.

Allow for several exist points, even if some are only emergency exit types that do not allow for entry - when a fire starts you need to get out quick and not have to find your way around racks etc.

Allow plenty of room between rows of equipment so that people can safely walk by whilst someone is working in or on a rack or piece of equipment, most are set way to close.

Allow space for people (about 3 sq metres per work station) that is not always cluttered with equipment, and space for all the manuals - and put the bloody things there.

Also allow for a recreational and meeting space within the room if staff will be working in it.

Install plenty of extra network points around the rooms and in the racks so that you dont have to string temp cabling when testing or checking new gear etc, you can just patch in it if the run is there.

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Water pipes

by jdclyde In reply to Comms Room Planning

Are there water pipes running right over where your systems will be?

How about on the floor above? Is there a bathroom that could over flow?


Use Racks for everything, making sure you have plenty of room to walk completely around it.

Label everything, and have a diagram on the wall. Don't label with peoples names, use numbers and letters. building A floor 6 room 21 would be A621. This helps to identify them quickly.

Make sure all the jacks in each room has the same label on them.

Run cable everywhere someone MIGHT someday put a network device. Easier to do it all at once up front than to go back later and add another run.

When you have to run a line, run two. New devices are added all the time and lines can go bad. Cable is cheap compaired to labor to run new cable.

Can the room be secured. Most network devices and servers can be compromised in 3 minutes if you have physical access to the box.

Air conditioning. Equipment generates lots of hear.

Electicity. Is it issolated so NOTHING else is on that breaker? Do you have enough clean lines run to handle all the equipment without browning out or blowing a breaker?

Do you have your UPS system set to keep mission critical systems up and running?

Nice KVM switch that is rack mount is a must. Love my Belkin. Can be expanded to handle up to 255 systems from the one console.

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