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communicate 2 sendmail server

By Gel ·
we have 2 sites the 1st one is the Headquarter and the 2nd is the remote site. Both have 2 linux server installed with sendmail. What i want to do is i want the user from the remote site to access their email locally. Because right now users from the remote site is accessing their email using the Headquarter email server.
Please help.

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by penguinvitamins2 In reply to communicate 2 sendmail se ...

The information is a bit short, but you can do these 2 things:

Move the remote offices mailboxes locally and configure their mail clients to access their mail using the local server IP or name. If your organisation uses a single mail domain e.g. you could create 2 internal only domains e.g. and to differentiate mail user and their location.

Sendmail allows you to create aliases for whole domains or single users which means mail from the Internet going to can be redirected to another mail domain or mail server e.g. When mail gets sent from this remote user to the Internet, it gets rewritten by the forwarder mail server from to

Thus you need a incoming/outgoing forwarder mail server that rewrites maildomains when mail leaves your company mail domain. (This can be your mail server at head office as well)

Or you can make use of fetchmail, a program that will fetch any user's e-mail from a remote mail server in batch mode and store it locally on the server. But this gets clunky if you have lots of users.

Good luck, Sendmail is a toughy. Try Qmail or Postfix as well. Maybe it is easier.

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