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communicate different sites and provide services.

By alashhar ·

I work at oil company, recently my boss ask me to prepare a proposal about connect the headquarter site to other sites in different country using the availability of the Internet at t headquarter as the communication way. Really I have some ideas but I a little confuse so I need some advices and helps.

Their requirements:
Downloading and uploading files (big size) between sites.
Sends Messages between the employees.

My ideas:
First idea: install a web server at headquarter building using Apache or IIS web server, and create a authenticate dynamic web site using HTML, PHP, Mysql. This site includes some services such download files and uploading, messages, addresses book, and e-mail?etc

Second idea: using VPN to communicate all the network in different sites as one network.

Yours faithfully

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by Assamite In reply to communicate different sit ...

Run a secure VPN connection to each site however if you are running this over broadband connections as opposed to T1 lines or greater then bandwidth becomes a significant issue. If this is the case then (assuming exchange server for email) add a email server to each remote site to house their email etc, you could bandwidth throttle the SMTP service so that normal network operations would not be effected. using DNS and DHCP services with replication partners would make network management easier.

If you have the cash then I would go for a High capacity line say T1 or better at all locations and link these by VPN, the trade off against this higher cost is if you employ a VOIP communications solution you can call inter-office over the VPN and reduce overall comms costs; Some solutions allow you to call other countries over these solutions.. e.g. you place a call from the UK to the USA and if you have a office in each country linked by VOIP and VPN the call will go from the UK office over the VPN and out the US office significantly reducing call charges.

I would also advise a VPN solution over the IIS/Apache solution as you are not opening unsecured communications to the internet. Whichever way you go bandwidth at the central HQ will be a factor to consider as too little bandwidth will seriously hinder traffic flow.

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by dplewis In reply to communicate different sit ...

Answer 1 is very thorough - my congratulations to the author. He is, in my opinion, correct; an IPSec VPN with at least 3DES encryption is the answer. I would suggest you evaluate suitable firewalls for each of your Internet links, with VPN support built in. At the link speeds you're looking at (T1 / E1) you might get away with doing the encryption in software (it's fairly CPU intensive) although hardware acceleration would be better as it would allow yourlink speeds to scale in the future. Remember in a multi-site environment to build the right mesh of VPN tunnels - you don't want two sites to have to communicate in and out of a third site (this would be particularly applicable in a VoIP implementation where phones at all sites would want direct communication.) If a full mesh is not possible, remember to check that your firewalls support routing data in & back out of the same interface (many, e.g Cisco PIX, don't)

Best Regards,

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by pgm554 In reply to communicate different sit ...

You might want to look at Novell 6.5.
It can do all of the above.
It comes bundled with Novell Branch Office,My SQL,Apache,and DIRXML connectors.
You can add to an existing windows network (W2K/NT4)and use the Edir as a meta directory for synchronization and authentication.
The NBO lets you use DSL connections (no leased lines needed)and lets you sync files across a WAN link, replicating only DELTA changes made to the files.(i.e. They download a file ,say a 50 meg power point
You can download a full eval and check it out.
Worth checking out.

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by Jose Mir In reply to communicate different sit ...

Like Answer 3 states, you should go to NetWare 6.5
Speed, stability, central administraion (it means money, time, security, adaptability, etc.), and growing cappabilities are superior than in a Windows environment.


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by Jose Mir In reply to

PHP, MySQL, web applications, J2EE, etc., are part of NetWare, and the system will be very easy to integrate to heterogeneous environments.
NDS will make your life easier!!!

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by alashhar In reply to

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by alashhar In reply to communicate different sit ...

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