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We are in the process of implementing SAP ino our organisation. To date - there has been very little communication to the users about what we are doing, how SAP is going to be deployed across the orgnaization and what affect it will have on our staff. Everyone will be affected - even it is simply a change in payslips.

Does any of my learned colleagues have any insights they can provide to me as what our first communication newsletter should state.


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Communicating Change

by Tig2 In reply to Communication Plan

I am going to assume for the moment that users who will experience a direct impact have been communicated with? If that is the case, the balance of your communication effort should be quite simple. If it is not, you have bigger challenges than simply communicating with your user population.

I start with defining the global change- the thing(s) that will impact ALL users throughout the organisation. Then step back by levels of granularity. At each level, determine the users who belong to that sub group (eg. Finance, Accounting, H.R., etc).

Depending on how much time I have, I will craft a newsletter with an "Important" or "Must Read" tag. I send this letter two or three times. In it, I detail the global change. I provide information about where else the user can go to learn more- intranet, brown bags, Town Hall meetings- whatever has been set up. I also let sub groups know that they will receive additional information. So a paragraph may read, "Finance associates should expect additional information on Wednesday this week while Accounting associates should watch for information on Thursday." Another way is to say, "Associates from these groups should watch their Inbox for additional information."

Follow up with the sub groups that you have identified with information about the changes impacting them.

If anyone will require re-training as a result of the deployment and they haven't yet received that re-training, you will need to get them into a classroom.

I always send a minimum of two general informational notes and three sub group notes. I also set up a phone number or email box where people can send questions. Don't be surprised when you find that even people for whom the change is minimal have questions. For your own sanity, prepare FAQs that you can send to anyone who asks.

In the U.S. I know from experience that change to the operating environment tends to make people anxious. Aggressive communication will help to keep that from being problematic.

Good Luck!

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