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By jeff ·
Good evening everyone!

I am in search of a secure password management system (preferably web-based) for many simultaneous users. I am part of a website that currently has a staff of volunteers administrating servers, web editing, etc. Being a volunteer community we have a high turnover rate of staff members (probably at least 30%) and each time we have to refill a position we also have to change passwords and notify those that have the password of the change. This is an overall pain and can also be very insecure when sending passwords via email/online convos in plain text.

I know that in many instances you can create a separate account for each user that needs access to a server however in some cases we have to use a single account. To overcome the tedious process of changing passwords we are looking for something where an administrator can store many different passwords and give each individual permissions on the passwords they need to see. Thus if a main password was changed the administrator would only have to make the change within in the system and the users with permission to that password would see the change without having to say a word to the administrator.

If it comes down to it we can and will code our own system for this albeit why reinvent the wheel if it already exists. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have that will lead me to such a program or script!

- Jeff

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