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Community Social Networking Script, Open Source.

By Jaqui ·
Yup, Open Source, Free to download, Free to alter, but Not free to use, it's commercially licensed.
[ free personal license available ]

Lets see, 19+ MB of php scrpts, and css files. 34 css files just for the ADMIN pages.

registering the bundled plugins to have them working sounds simple enough. Following the detailed install instructions from the wiki, completely blank page when I try to access the admin pages to register them.

oh, yeah, majjor ajjax in the script, I guess I would have to enable javascript AND java for it to work.
I know, ajax is not java, but the 30 MB media server component is.

But lets list the feature set:
( copied from their website )

* Flexible Site Width
* Couple Profiles
* Improved and expanded Builders: Fields Builder, Pages Builder
* Dynamic Comments System
* User's articles
* Permalinks for: Articles, Blogs, News, Shared Photos, Shared Music, Shared Video, Groups, Events, Classifieds
* Imroved footers design and display
* Optimized code, improved performance, caches everywhere
* Adaptable picture rotator
* Search-Engine-And-User-Friendly URLs
* Improved scalability and speed
* PHP classes for Groups, Galleries, Member Panel and much more

General Features

* 100% open source
* Blog (photo upload, user can create different categories, permissions, comments)
* The ability to sort member menu and groups on member menu
* The ability to approve "x" number of profiles simultaneously
* A/V files recording and sharing
* Cash profile info
* Convert any kind of video format
* RSS feeds support. Subscribe to or live-bookmark forums
* Fully separated front-end and backend (using XSL transformation)
* Smiles Pack
* "Sticky" topics
* Multiple languages support
* Default integration of Ray Community Widget Suite
* Default integration of Orca Interactive Forum Script
* Registration Security Images
* On-fly photos auto scaling
* Profile of the month, profile of the week and profile of the day
* "Links", "FAQ", "About us", "Contact us", "Privacy", "Terms of use", "Services" pages
* Affiliate system with commissions tracking routine and security tools
* Quick search
* Advanced search
* Sorting and search narrowing
* ZIP codes search options
* Matchmaking (auto search based on user-specified criteria)
* Cupid mail (matchmaking results auto-sending)
* Search for online members, searching members, communicating (in IM) members
* Integrated with PayPal by default
* Supports recurring billing from PayPal
* Can be integrated with any other payment processing company (PaySystems, Authorize.Net, iBill, 2checkout, etc.)
* 100% automated billing system. Script automatically sends purchased information after payment is processed and performs multi-level anti-fraud checks
* Several payment providers could work simultaneously
* Page and Profile Builders
* Site layout - from 1 to 4 columns
* Tabs and multiple rooms in Video Chat
* 1-to-1 private rooms in Video Chat
* Floating video panes in Video Chat and Video Messenger
* Full-screen video in Video Chat, Video Messenger and Video Player
* Flexible layout for Shoutbox, Video Player and Music Player
* Ray Media Server high performance and functionality
* Online members or friends tracking
* View user's profile via Presence
* Private communications using text, audio and video simultaneously
* Customizable sounds in IM for incoming messages, user login/logout, video/audio files start/stop viewing
* Optimized audio/video streaming control
* Help pages
* Seamless connection to users' cameras and mics
* Direct file uploading to a member's profile
* Whiteboard. Great way to present concepts. Intuitive interface for ease of use

User Part Features

* Customizable profile view
* Browse profiles with narrowing ability
* Country flags on-fly selection
* E-mail confirmation routine
* Checking e-mails to be unique
* Members registration form - 2 steps by default
* Smart shopping cart with history
* Invite / tell a friend
* New members (auto-displaying of photos of latest registered users on the main page)
* "Online/Offline" user status
* Merchant account integration
* Personal Media Gallery (audio, video and pictures)
* Shared Media Gallery (audio, video and pictures)
* Personal Blog
* Friends List
* Guestbook
* Friends Only and Registered Only permissions for GuestBook comments
* Gmail Like Mailbox Conversations Archive
* Events
* Classifieds
* "Random Quotes" system
* One-click lists with online users
* Top-rated profiles lookup
* Zodiac signs lookup in profiles and search results
* Newsletter
* "Last logged-in" information
* Essay (extended "About me" section)
* Profile ratings
* Number of profile views with the ability to list members who viewed the profile
* Automatic member gender prompt for profiles search
* Dating polls
* Automatic photos upload system
* Search results can be presented in the form of a photo gallery
* Optional displaying of additional photos only to gold or purchased members
* Photos rating (similar to
* Personal Weblog commenting
* Double-blind virtual greetings
* Double-blind messaging
* Messenger with storing system
* Advanced control panel for members (profile status and all-contacts information)
* Media (video and audio support for profiles)
* Configurable Flash-based online live-chat system
* HotList (buddies, favorites)
* Block members (members can block all correspondence from certain members)
* Ability to choose event, order ticket and provide matches ids
* Ability to post own article
* MD5 encrypted member's password
* User friendly links (ModRewrite function)
* Ability to create Couples profiles
* Kick-*** live voting (think Digg)
* One-click post report
* WYSIWYG text formatting
* Drag'n'Drop-able emoticons and external photos
* Topics Flagging
* 'My Topics' watching
* Mega-cool Live Tracker
* Live post tracker - "Forum Spy"
* Posts, topics, forums and forum groups just as your mom cooked
* If only your mom cooked expandable AJAX-powered forum folders
* Read/unread labels
* Topic pagination
* Navigation breadcrumbs (as if everyone knows what it means)
* Times, stats, and dates here and there
* "Reply with quote" option in forums
* Optimized A/V controls
* Skin and language switcher
* A/V monitoring
* Audio/video conferencing with a multi-media headset
* Room history
* Dropdown Video Console
* Video, Audio, Fonts, Skins and Smilesets settings
* Unlimited video streamings
* Typing Box (text formatting, animated emoticons)
* Rooms list with the members info (photo, nickname, sex, age, user's type) in any room
* Users can track who's viewing their video streaming in Chat
* Custom Sound Alerts
* Video streaming in a Separate Window (full screen mode)
* View Video instead of Photo of the profiles when user's cams are on
* Invite to 1-to-1 Private chat
* Send a "whisper" message and/or to a particular user
* Chat in several rooms simultaneously
* Create password protected rooms
* Set up the status message
* Listen and upload music files
* Edit Title, Tags, and Description of music files
* The Play List Editor (upload and remove music files, change playlist playback order, add files from admin music to the user's playlist)
* Track Control Buttons (Play/Pause, Back, Forward)
* View title, mode, playback progress line, and volume of the playing track
* "Invitation Denied" notification message in IM
* Presence status indicators
* IM dialog history
* Send any file to each other using IM
* A custom snapshot for thumbnail of the video
* Set up recorded video as a screenshot
* Download the recorded video file
* Define number of users who can join and edit the board
* Newly joined user will receive the board picture gradually, step by step
* Left/right arrows to move backward or forward through changes or clear the whole board
* Use shapes, lines and colors in board

Administration Panel Features

* User-friendly, convenient online administration system
* Site pages builder
* Fields builder
* Navigation menu builder
* Moderators Accounts to approve and edit profiles
* News module with admin tab
* Automatic success stories posting with "latest story" feature
* Graduated pricing, credits system, customizable memberships
* Advanced Banner System and Adsense Integration
* Easy to follow calendar
* Complete mastery of your Ray Widgets
* View widgets already installed, order widgets you may still need
* Check base settings or update the base right from there
* Different user membership types (text only, view only, full access)
* Admin initial preset of Presence vertical size
* Enable/disable any widget with a click
* Adjust settings for each widget, and order more templates or languages
* Now, users (not only admin) can change languages and skins in all widgets
* Access admin music library to add to user's play list
* Track and manage reported files
* Approve/Disapprove music
* User's music files listed in admin player
* Set limits for quantity and size of uploaded files
* View list of users with video (All, Approval pending)
* Play, approve and delete video functions
* Uploaded video files management
* Admin initial preset of Video Player/Uploader height and width
* Preset the maximum number of uploaded files
* Admin Video Player with the list of uploaded files
* Enable/disable guests to post messages in Shoutbox
* Set number of displayed messages
* Preset the Shoutbox height
* Members Pictures Customized Water Mark
* Individual member promotion and membership assignment
* Five types of user account status
* Search by ID, e-mail and nickname
* Confirmed User email notification for admin
* "Variables" section to manage sitewide functions
* User-friendly profile fields modification system
* Site's styles file modification
* Integrated language file modification capabilities
* Automatic update availability alerts
* Admin interface to create moderators
* Updated admin finance calculator
* Multiple languages support
* Featured profiles generating
* Optional profiles auto-approve
* Installation wizard for fast and easy scripts installation
* Easy texts, code, graphics modification
* Free trial membership (admin ability to set up the period length and conditions)
* Automatic database cleaning (administrator can specify allowed inactivity period)
* Displaying the number of registered members from defined countries who are online/present
* Links exchange campaign
* E-mail notifications/newsletter system
* "Articles" system for more text content
* Admin ability to set Cupid mail options
* Plugin configuration features
* Banners rotation system management
* Ability to bring random, online, last, and top rated profiles to the home page
* Ability to set minimum number of characters for "About me" and "About you" fields
* Ability to set required size of "Password" field
* Customizable number of photos a member can upload
* Ability to choose currency image used for transactions
* Admin ability to set up events, place, time and events' manager contact info
* Ability to set up events, place, time and events' manager contact info
* Ability to set up events and place a picture
* Ability to set matches number
* Printer-friendly users' list, matching users
* Automatic billing and transactions generation
* Ability to create any membership type
* Ability to define membership access level
* Ability to define customized membership requirements
* Ability to give permissions to all users to contact each other for free

It actually does work fairly well, though I do have issues with it, like the ajax, flash videos and massive code that obviously needs optimizing. [ all them css files just for the admin interface? a css file for every feature / plugin? why? ]

for those wanting to take a look at it:

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by Jaqui In reply to Community Social Networki ...
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No use for it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to what?

No interest in setting up and maintaining yet another social site. They're are plenty of no-cost alternatives already.

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by Jaqui In reply to No use for it.

yet that script can be the foundation for a site like TR.

it's very much where TR has been heading with all the changes.

A company intranet site, with the manuals, policies, training guides ... could be based on it.

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How did you like Boonex?

by FreyDrew In reply to Community Social Networki ...

Hey guys,

I saw this thread and was curious to hear your thoughts on whether or not you enjoyed your Boonex experience. Things have certainly changed since 2009 and now it's really easy to get your own social network up and running!

Community Manager,

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