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Comp slowdown when video file selected?

By ngen255 ·
Hello all. I've been having a problem with my computer, where when I highlight a video file to play, the cpu usage of explorer.exe in windows task manager shoots way up, to around 80-90%. This only happens when I click on any kind of video file (.avi, .ram, etc.) Does anybody know why this is? I have a firewall set up, and I regularly update/scan for viruses and spyware. I am using Windows XP SP2, with 512 mb RAM and an Athlon XP 2600+. I use media player classic as my vid player, with appropriate codecs installed (i.e. divx, real play alternative, etc.) Oh yea, and I don't necessarily have to open the file, just single click on it.

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by ctrservices In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

Log on as another user (one with admin privileges) and try a video file. If you still have the same problem, go into Msconfig and remove all check marks under the Startup tab except for your Spyware, Av and Firewall. Apply and reboot.

Then, go into the Properties of your drive(s), run Disk Cleanup from the General tab, then run Check Now from the Tools tab (it will want to reboot, so do it now). When rebooted, go back to the Tools tab and Defragment the HD (run 3 times for best results). Then try a video file.

Let us know what does or doesn't happen.

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by nazil dsouza In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

try to have the media player updated online and most importantly try tohave the latest directx i think dx9c and even set the virtual memory in a free space disk

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by iscool007 In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

How long does the processor go into a "heart attack mode"? With Windows XP, when you select a video file, it presents you with a thumbnail of the first frame of the video on the lefthand side pane. So when you select the video, it accesses the file to generate a preview of the file. You will notice this happen if you have your video folder's view set on Thumbnail. So if your prossesor gets used for a minor second, that is normal, but if happens for a long period of time, there is something wrong with the thumbnail process.

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by noggin_the_nerd In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

Additional info that might help - onboard graphics or sep graphics card? Only happens with video files?
not sure if I know the answers - just might help a bit more to suss out ;-)

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by parthiv_13 In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

Don't worry if its taking only 2-4 seconds for this sort of trouble. It happens with XP when you enable Network or start window media player or any video files. Why am still not able to find.

If goes more then 4 seconds stage then use spybot 1.4 and online scanning utilities to check your system for virus and adware and spyware.

Goodluck and don't forget to post the solution if you get.

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by ngen255 In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

Actually, I've noticed that this only occurs with .avi files now. And the slowdown I'm talking about can last up to a minute. My vid card is a Geforce 6600GT, and I have the latest drivers installed. I have directx 9.0c installed as well.

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by ngen255 In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

Oh, and I have it set to list view mode, so no thumbnails..I also made it so that I don't have the left side panel, so I don't think it is that either.

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by saihib In reply to Comp slowdown when video ...

How big are these AVI files?

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by ngen255 In reply to

they range in size from 5mb to 700+mb

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