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    Comp time and other compensation


    by ksutherland ·

    I am an IT Director and need the programmers on call on weekends and especially during qtr end production. I need some ideas on comp time or other compensation for being on call and when they actually get called to support the business.

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      Why do programmers need to be on call?

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Comp time and other compensation

      It seems to me that if you need programmers to be on call during a production run then there is something fundamentally wrong with your systems. It’s bad enough if you need system administrators to be on call. That also indicates some fundamental flaw with the systems. But programmers? What are they going to do? Are they going to rewrite code during a production run? What kind of situation would require programmers to answer some emergency call?

      But to answer your question as a system administrator I’ve worked plenty of nights and weekends with absolutely no compensation at all. No extra money. No time off. Nothing.

      I’ve known of other people who would get a day off during the week for each weekend day that they worked. Most popular is the scheme where you rotate whoever is on call between several people. The on call person gets an extra $100 for carrying the pager plus more money if they are called in.

      Keep in mind that having people on call is like having them at work. If someone is on call they cannot just jump in the car and take a day trip 200 miles away. That means that they never experience the relaxation of a true day off. If an employee cannot do whatever they want to do on their day off then, to some extent, they are working, and that’s just not fair. You can’t expect people to give up their free time just because you can’t devise a robust and reliable computer system.

      And that’s the truth.

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