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    Comp time for salaried employees


    by rdefremery ·

    Hi everyone,

    Those of you who are salaried: how do you get compensated (or not) for being on call after-hours should an emergency arise? I have written up an off-hours support policy that I will be presenting to management next week. It includes support for executive staff or directors with urgent issues as well as the obvious “server’s down, gotta handle it now” situation.

    Do any of you have a similar written policy in place? More importantly, do you get compensated in any way for being on call late into the night?

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      I don’t my staff do

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Comp time for salaried employees

      My staff are hourly, I’m management.

      Informally we have an agreement that I get an equivalent amount of time off, but we don’t formally track it.


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      I’ve been with a few companies…

      by fregeus ·

      In reply to Comp time for salaried employees

      ..that payed a certain amount of hours for that. One hour per day weekdays, two hours per day weekends and holidays, then regular pay if they get a call is an example of what they offered.

      The monetary value differs from company to company, but they all offer something.


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      Comp time for salaried employees

      by dahak ii ·

      In reply to Comp time for salaried employees

      The Salaried Exempt IT staff here can take 1/2 day off and still be considered to have worked a full day. But we do not abuse it, it is used for situations like you describe, medical appointments, etc…

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