Compag Presario 2100 overheating issue

By da_rainey ·
I have been working on a laptop for a friend and am now having some issues with it. I managed to get windows xp reinstalled, but then found the system restore disks and decided to use them instead. Now I am stuck with an issue that is rather weird. I go to install either the restore cd's or windows xp, then the laptop will shutdown at some random point. I have blown out the fan, ram, and processor slots, but it still feels hot to the touch in those areas. I have not taken apart the case yet as I cannot find a guide on how to take it apart. Any help on this is welcome.

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by bincarnato In reply to Compag Presario 2100 over ...

Remove battery. Note above the keyboard there is a plastic piece that runs the lenght of the keyboard and may also extend over the top of the display hinges. Flip the notebook over and look for two screws that would be in the same area relative to that piece. Take those two screws out and then flip the notebook over. Open the display up and lift that piece up away from notebook. It may provide some resistance as there are usually plastic tabs holding it down as well. If you find you are using more force than you think it should, look for more screws, shouldn't be any more though. Once you have the platic piece off, you'll see the screws that hold the keyboard down, remove them. The keyboard will lift away starting at the top. There will be at least one ribbon cable that runs to the system board from the keyboard. Disconnect them and put the keyboard aside. Now there will probably be a metal plate below the keyboard held on with a few screws, remove them. That plate should lift straight up and may have a heatsink as part of it. Once that is off you should be able to see the fan or fans. Check to see if they haven't been clogged up with dust. You should be able to run compressed air through it and get it clean taken apart to this level. You can hook the keybaord back up and power on to see if the fans spin when powered on. I have worked on too many HP/CPQ notebooks to be able to give more specific intructions off of the top of my head but they are all pretty similar. Only variations I can think of is that the screws that hold the keyboard on could be on the bottom of the notebook but they will have a little diagram of a keyboard next to them. Also, there may be screws on the back of the display hinges near the top that hold the LED cover(the plastic piece that runs the length of the keybaord at the top).

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