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Hello guys,
I am studying business management and I have an elective course called "It Infrastructure management". I have an assignment, which is called "The benefits of multi-cloud automation services" and in one part I thought about comparing several companies that provides this service.

I came up with information from this link: and it says that "There is no single cloud automation tool, platform or framework. A myriad of different offerings are available, ranging from on-premises tools for private clouds to hosted services from public cloud providers.".

However, this publication was updated on 2017 of August. I thought that there are new established companies or start-ups, which provide multi-cloud automation.
My question would be, do you know any IT companies that provide multi-cloud automation services? Or there are still no companies that could provide such service and I should skip this part in my assignment?
Thanks in advance for any help!
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Enterprise Infrastructure Automation

Data storage infrastructure automation is a huge trend nowadays. cloud automation or multi-cloud automation is an essential component of this trend. Many companies have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue from such software tools.

The purpose of these tools to make IT infrastructure management easy and automate some tasks or reduce certain IT tasks to just a few clicks. 100% automation is not possible as of now because the requirements of every company vary. So, the objective here is to minimize tasks.

Let me try to explain this further with the best example possible, SCVM is a software-defined storage software by StoneFly that is enriched with enterprise-grade features that simplify management and automate many IT tasks. Such as deploying and creating virtual SAN and NAS storage in the cloud/multi-cloud/hybrid cloud and on-premises environment. The same goes for other tasks as monitoring resources from a single interface. creating and scheduling backup jobs, managing data encrypting, and setting up automated data tiering.

The other software example I would include is Nutanix AOS that also employs machine learning and AI to automate infrastructure management on-premises and the cloud.

There some tools such as Puppet and Ansible that also tend to accomplish the same thing.

So, to simplify things even further these IT management softwares allow you to use their enterprise automation features in the public clouds or multi-cloud environment through cloud gateway technology.

I hope this information proves helpful to you.

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multi-cloud automation services providing companies

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Companies that provide mu ...

The companies that offer multi-cloud management services are Corestack, LogicMonitor, and Pulumi.

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Companies that provide multi-cloud automation services

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Companies that provide mu ...

The three companies are CoreStack, LogicMonitor, and Pulumi. A new IDC Innovators report profiles three companies that offer enterprise customers innovative analytics and automation solutions to help streamline, standardize, and scale multicloud environments.

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